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.ASIA has initiated an aggressive marketing strategy to boost the TLD registrations by appointing a new mascot going by the name of Ajitora. The Registry aims to convey the importance of the .ASIA domain name by imparting the impact that the Internet has on animal trafficking & poaching, and various other humanitarian approaches to delve into the minds of your customers. This tactical move will surely play to your business’ advantage. Let’s have a look at how Ajitora can help you and your business.

Who is Ajitora?

Ajitora is a fun-loving feline who was born in the Himalayas and is also the PR character for DotAsia. “Tora” means “tiger” in Japanese. “Aji” is also a popular name in Asian cultures and an alternate or short form for “Asia” or “Ajia”. Together “aji”+”tora” represents both “King of the Cyber Jungle” or in a more literal sense, “Asia Tiger”. On the 19th of January 2016, DotAsia officially appointed Ajitora as a Tx2 Ambassador.

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Having a new campaign mascot could only mean that .ASIA is aggressively  going to market the TLD which in turn proves beneficial for your business. Ajitora is the embodiment of sustainable development; economically and ecologically. Here are a few more factors with which .ASIA, through Ajitora tries to establish the importance of the .ASIA TLD to your customers:

  1. The ‘Ajitora movement’ focuses on economic development beyond conservation (reduce, reuse, recycle)
  2. As Tigers are symbolic of Asia, the new mascot emphasizes on the preservation of Tigers while being backed by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) & Global Tiger Forum (GTF)
  3.  It’s not only about Tigers, It also focuses on Internet governance policies to tackle illegal wildlife trade online

Through this humanitarian approach, .ASIA will undoubtedly establish a demand in the market and in turn, prove to cater to your business’ needs. Want a few more reasons for why .ASIA is the go to TLD for your customers residing in the continent? Have a look below.

Why .ASIA?

  1. Connectivity: .ASIA is the go to TLD for your customers as it helps to connect the entire continent with one domain
  2. Improved SEO: A .ASIA domain name helps your customer’s website rank favourably for users across the Asian marketplace
  3. Community Funding: Every .ASIA registration proactively contributes to the development of communities in the continent of Asia. It includes initiatives like ‘One Laptop Per Child’ (www.OLPC.asia), ‘NetMission’ (www.NetMission.asia), ‘the Information Society Innovations Fund’ (www.ISIF.asia)

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Feel free to share your thoughts on Ajitora and how you think this will prove to be an impact in the comments section below.

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