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Rise of Mobile Internet in India and Across the Globe

It’s highly crucial for your customers to know and understand the various benefits that a website offers for a business. With a website, not only will your customers’ business get a unique web presence, but it will also get more credibility. Many website directories list various local businesses and services that help customers to find the services that they are looking for, online. With the increasing number of internet users, a website adds great value to a business!

The number of Internet users in the world is on the rise and Internet usage via Mobile phones has increased by 67% globally over the last 12 months!

While majority of the population still prefer accessing the internet via desktop accounting for about 64.6% of Webpage views, use of mobile phones to access the internet has grown rapidly from 17.1% in 2013 to 28.5% in 2014 (that’s 67% growth). Tablets account for 6.8% of internet usage, compared to 4.8% a year ago. It is interesting to see that access to internet via mobile phones is increasing at a faster rate as compared to tablet usage. This slow growth of tablet internet usage is, perhaps, due to the latest inclination towards larger screen smartphones.

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Market Share of Mobile Internet Users

In most countries, data usage from a mobile phone is already overtaking those from a desktop. The list includes countries like India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia, according to StatCounter (August 2014). Of these countries, countries that stand out particularly being a part of the 100 million (mobile subscriber) club include India (797.1 million), Nigeria (130.6 million) and Bangladesh (116.9 million). These numbers are simply indications that this trend is all set to continue, creating new challenges for businesses worldwide.

Where Does India Stand?

Amongst the top countries for smartphone users, India ranks third with an estimated 117 million subscribers, after China and the US respectively. But the penetration of smartphones as opposed to the percentage of mobile phone users in the country stands at just 10 per cent.

India is witnessing a lot of progress in the technological space. It is not just the internet population that is increasing but the number of smartphone users is also on the rise. With this increase in smartphone penetration, India is going digital. Almost every other mobile user in urban areas has a Smartphone and access to mobile internet.

This astounding growth is driven by the younger generation who like to be connected on social media and are avid users of mobile applications and online games. However, the paid app market in India is still to see a brighter day as compared to those in developed countries.


What makes Mobile Web So Popular?

What makes mobile internet highly popular in this country is simply how convenient, affordable, and reliable it is as opposed to old-school broadband services. Besides, the obvious advantage of being connected anywhere, anytime compared to broadband connection makes it a crowd puller.

What has further accelerated the growth of internet via mobile are platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, Line and other instant messaging services. They allow users to have frequent interactions anytime with close contacts and groups as compared to broadcasting messages on social platforms making them all the more popular.

To conclude, mobile traffic on the global scale is witnessing a rapid growth accounting for about 25% of the total internet traffic. It has been growing 1.5x every year and is most likely to maintain this pace going forward. At this speed, desktops may account for 39% of IP traffic by 2018 while mobile devices would make up about 61% of IPtraffic.

What it means for you as a Reseller:

  • As the number of mobile internet users continues to grow, you as a Reseller can now offer Mobile App Development and Mobile Website Development for your customers!
  • These numbers prove that the Indian Internet market is growing at a rapid pace and this means more business for you! You could use these statistics to convince your Small and Medium business leads base to get online!

What are your thoughts about the rise of mobile internet? Leave your thoughts in a comment below!