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At ResellerClub, we place the utmost value upon communicating with our Resellers. Several of our initiatives have been geared towards harnessing new means to enhance this communication – be it this Blog, Live Sales and Support Chats, as well as Twitter. From time to time, we receive inputs from you, our Resellers, about improving our Products and Services. However, such inputs have been fragmented in nature, since there has not been a platform where all your inputs can be collated and prioritized.

Not any more! We have setup a feedback forum, which can be accessed from the Reseller Control Panel.

This forum is dedicated to your ideas about how we can take ResellerClub forward. If you have a feature suggestion, or spotted a bug or inconsistency in the system, use the forum to let us know. Not only that, you can also vote on ideas suggested by other users. As ideas gather more votes, it becomes easier for us to determine what features are crucial from your perspective, and then go about implementing them.

Some features of this Feedback Forum include-

    • You can access the forum from your Control Panel – you’ll find a Feedback link on the menu. When you click on the link, your identity is automatically passed on so an account can be created and used to identify you on the forum.


    • Through your Account, you can submit upto 10 votes for features of your choice. We recommend you be mighty choosy with the features you vote for – this is your way of telling us what matters to you!


    • Once we implement an idea that you voted for, your votes for that idea will be released so you can vote for other features too.


Every one of your inputs will get our attention, and rest assured we’ll be around to discuss them with you. The implementation for the features that get the maximum numbers of votes will soon follow.