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Boost your Hosting Sales with our Coupon Engineglobal-coupon-engine

Most purchase decisions in the Hosting industry are driven by promotions. Offering discounts to your Customers is a great way to increase your hosting sales and attract new customers. With ResellerClub’s Coupon Engine you can stay ahead of competition by offering customized promotions for your customers.

Use ResellerClub’s Coupon Engine to create, manage and track your promotions on Supersite 2. The Coupon Engine is extremely simple to use and integrate with your Shopping Cart.

Get more out of Coupon Engine!

  • Targeted promotions: Offer customized discounts on each product in your portfolio. The coupon engine is designed to give you complete control.
    Eg: Offer 10% Discount on Reseller Hosting to the first 100 people who use the coupon code
  • Bundle products: You can create a coupon to offer a discount when your customer purchases a complete set of products that you specify.
    Eg: Buy a Shared Hosting package, a Domain Name and an SSL to avail a 25% discount on your bill amount
  • Upsell and earn more: You have the flexibility to make a coupon valid only on purchase of a particular product depending on your business model.
    Eg: Buy Reseller Hosting and get 10% off on a domain name
  • Tracking promo effectiveness: Use the Coupon Engine reports to analyze the performance of your promotional campaigns across different festive seasons, occasions etc. You can also use different coupons on various communication and social media channels and find out which works better without a web analytics drill-down.
    Eg: Compare coupon performance on channels such as twitter, facebook, cpc, blogs etc. to understand which channel performs better as compared to the others
  • Offer personalized discounts: Use the Coupon Engine to create personalized discounts for customers who have passed lifetime value benchmarks or on special occasions such as birthdays etc.
    Eg: Filter your customer database to identify customers who have done more than $500 worth of business with you and create a coupon giving them a 20% discount on their next transaction

These are just a few of the numerous ways in which you can utilize our Coupon Engine to work in your advantage. Read our Coupon Engine Usage Guide to help you get started.