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Photo by Will Clayton

We turn 13 today and over the years we’ve grown into one of the largest reseller focused Registrars in the world. Our growth is largely because of our Resellers; because of them we’ve been able to take our services to the farthest corners of the world and become a truly global provider.

The last year has been particularly great for us with some awesome additions to our Product lineup and some much appreciated feature enhancements.

Here’s a glimpse of everything that happened across 2010:

The Big Three – We successfully ran the 4th editions of the Big Birthday Bash and the Mega Bargains Month that saw Resellers getting Best Slab Prices on all our Products for an entire month. We know these Promos worked as we saw Resellers increasing their business from 20% to as much as 70%. With the Big Holiday Sale in December, we saw Resellers working fervently towards their Targets making it the most successful target based Promo we’ve ever run and a precedent for all future Promos at ResellerClub.

.COM at $4.99 – We ran one of our best .COM Promos with .COM/.NET Domains at just $4.99. This promo was so well received that we were ranked the largest Reseller Focused .COM Registrar for that quarter!

Free Email Accounts with every Domain – In April last year, we introduced one of our best loved features – Free Email Accounts with every Domain

cPanel & Plesk– In the last year, we changed our Hosting Control Panels to the most popular and widely used cPanel and Plesk. These changes alone gave our Hosting numbers a huge boost!

MakeMySite Web Design – With MakeMySite, we successfully launched a first of its kind Reseller-Focused Website Design Service that focuses on providing high-end Website Design Solutions to Customers.

DIY Website Builder –We also introduced one of the easiest to use Website Builders that comes together with Web and Email Hosting. The new Website Builder was commended by scores of Resellers as one of the best Website Building tools in the market today.

Flexi Hosting – In September last year, we pioneered an all new Hosting model – Flexi Hosting, with the ability to create Custom Plans for Web Hosting, Email Hosting and Website Builder along with differential pricing making it pay-as-you-go in every sense of the term.

There’s a lot more in store this year – with more TLDs (.DE and .ES Domains will be available very soon!) many more product launches, promos and the works! Watch this space for all updates on what we’re planning to do. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for instant updates on everything we’re doing.

Lastly, we’d like to give out a huge Thank You to all our Resellers, old and new. It’s your continued support that makes us want to better ourselves every step of the way. Here’s to an incredible 14th year!