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It’s been a while since I did a blog post like this but as the business has expanded and more customers have joined the ResellerClub family, I feel the need to pen our journey especially for those who might not be familiar with the brand. I think this would be a good time to reconnect on the ResellerClub story.


Our journey has been quite an interesting one so I’d like to start by drawing out our milestones.

Our History

The Beginning (2006 – 07): ResellerClub started in 2006 with a handful of employees in a tiny Mumbai office. We were a Domain Registrar company offering 20 TLDs and still toying with the idea of hosting. However, in just a short time, we acquired 15,000 resellers. 

Picking up Pace (2008 – 12): Growth was massive in this period. We grew from 15,000 resellers to 40,000 resellers and 20 TLDs to 80 TLDs in this period. By 2009, ResellerClub was among the Top 10 Domain Name Registrars in the world.

In 2011, ResellerClub went global. This was a huge step for us as we were now offering glocalised experiences in China, Brazil, UK, Spain and more. We were recognised as the Fastest Growing Wholesale Registrar. 

We also expanded our product portfolio by offering Shared and Reseller Hosting. In this time, we also held our first ever event, ResellerClub Hosting Summit.

Diversifying (2013 – 16): By this time, ResellerClub hit some major milestones: Our domain offering grew to 500+ TLDs. We also acquired 100,000 resellers worldover. 

We added to our product portfolio, servers – VPS and Dedicated Servers. We also launched addon products namely, Business & Enterprise Email hosting, Backup & Security Solutions, Combo Plans and mobile site builders.

While we have always catered to hosting companies as well as web professionals,  we realised during this time that the way web professionals buy is a little different. To cater to them, we started the Frictionless-reseller Buy program where web pros can directly ‘buy off the shelf’.

In this time, we also launched the event, ResellerClub presents Hostingcon in India, China and the Netherlands. ResellerClub defined and refocused on the WebPro audience. We launched our first ever design contest, SiteWars and our first ever design – development event, Ctrl+F5 in light of this refocus. Ctrl+F5 has since expanded to become a highly popular, multi-city event in 2019. The contest set the pace for all the following activities for webpros. 

Transforming (2017 – Present): Today, ResellerClub has over 200,000 customers worldwide. We’ve dug deeper and reached further in the WebPro community. This is reflected through new initiatives and projects like:

  • ResellerClub Mobile App 
  • The all-new WebPro Panel
  • Cloudbazaar, our flagship event solely focused on WebPros
  • Product portfolio expanded to include SaaS apps like G Suite, Themes & Templates, Plugins & Scripts

Our Vision & Mission today

Today, ResellerClub’s vision and mission is to cater to and equip WebPros and hosting companies in every step of their business through meaningful partnerships, events, content, products and services. 

Through partnerships with various brands, we aim to bring the best of the lot under one roof – ResellerClub. Our partnering brands include: 

Our Products

Our Geographies

ResellerClub has 8 country market programs and its presence in over 240 countries:

Our Team

Our team 250+ employees, works together to the common mission: WebPros & Small Businesses.

The brand functions are divided to optimize skill and strength.

According to research, ResellerClub employees are 54.86% happier than employees of other Businesses (source: Bogus Insights Inc., 2019 ;))

Until next time!

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