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ResellerClub is thrilled to announce that the Premium Domains feature is well on its way to launch in the next few weeks. Read on to know more about how you can take advantage of this feature and prepare to rake in great profits upon its launch!

Modifications on SuperSite 2 Files & API Calls

The Premium Domains feature will be turned ON only for Resellers who have opted for ‘Automatic Sign up for new Products’. Resellers who have not opted for the same will have to manually enable the service from their control panel. If as a reseller, you choose not to opt in, then your sub-resellers cannot activate this feature too. Here’s how you can start offering this feature:

Supersite 2 Users: The Premium Domains feature will go live on SuperSite 2 on 24th September 2013. The ‘Check Availability’ page is being changed to accommodate the new feature as well as some user experience enhancements.

In case you have made any customizations to the ‘Check Availability’ page on your SuperSite implementation, we strongly recommend that you download the updated code on this link and apply customizations to it if needed. You can make your customizations live post 24th September, once the feature goes live on our end. You will not be able to make use of this fantastic business opportunity if the above modifications are not made. In case you do not have any customizations on the page, this change will automatically reflect for you on your SuperSite 2.

Please note: The Premium Domains feature will be available only on SuperSite 2 and API. Resellers on SuperSite 1 will not be able to use this feature and are recommended to upgrade to SuperSite 2.

API Users:

  1. Please click here to know more about API calls for the premium domain names feature.
  2. Transferring a premium domain name will require the same transfer API call as mentioned here. You just need to additionally pass a specific extra attribute: attr-name1=type&attr-value1=premiumft

API Users can start making use of the Premium Domains feature starting 13th September.

How Premium Domains can benefit you

  • Premium Domains are short, easy to recall, keyword rich domains that you can sell for much higher prices than regular domain registrations
  • As a Reseller, you can stand out in the market by offering this feature which is not available with many other domain providers and gain a competitive advantage
  • For every premium domain sale through your account, you will receive 50% of ResellerClub’s margin in the transaction. The exact details will be explained at the time of implementation
  • Search Engine friendliness and relatively lesser spends on PPC.
  • Industry estimates indicate that average price of Premium Domain prices are 200 times that of regular unregistered domain namesv

Join our General Manager and Business Head, Shridhar Luthria and Bob Mountain, SVP, Business Development & Account Services, AfterNic for an exclusive Webinar to know more about the benefits and implementation of Premium Domains.

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We are confident that the addition of these new features will help boost your revenues by a great deal and widen the scope of your offerings to your customers. In case you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us or leave us a comment below!