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ResellerClub is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our set of Services – India Hosting!

This post covers all the details about India Hosting, such as separation of the pricing tables for New Hosting Orders and Renewals. Also covered are certain modifications that you might need to make to your Email Services.

India Hosting
You can now offer your Customers the choice between US and India Hosting. If you wish to sell India Hosting, all you need to do is make sure you are signed up for it. You can do this from your Control Panel by going to Settings –> Products –> Manage Product Signup. Over here, you need to check the radio button against the India Hosting Section. If you have selected the “Automatically sign me up for all Products and Services “ option, you don’t need to do anything to signup.

India Hosting will however, not appear on your SuperSite just yet. You can work out your pricing strategy and set your India Hosting Pricing. India Hosting will be live on your SuperSite on 7th Feb, 2008, post which your Customers will be able to purchase these packages from you.

India Hosting Plans (Linux / Windows):

Plan APlan BPlan CPlan D

Web Space 1GB 2GB 7.5GB 10GB
Bandwidth 2GB 5GB 10GB 15GB
DB 0 1 5 10
DB Space 0 250MB 500MB 750MB
Dedicated IP/SSL Optional Optional Optional Yes

India Hosting Pricing:

Plan APlan BPlan CPlan D

Base Slab / $199 $2.59 $3.19 $6.39 $12.49
Slab 1 / $1,499 $2.39 $2.94 $5.89 $11.49
Slab 2 / $4,999 $2.24 $2.74 $5.39 $10.49
Slab 3 / $17,999 $2.09 $2.59 $4.99 $9.99
Slab 4 / $34,999 $1.99 $2.49 $4.79 $9.49
Suggested Retail Price $3.19 $3.99 $7.99 $15.99

Renewal Prices:
You can now set separate prices for Renewals and New Purchases for Web Hosting orders. This gives you greater flexibility to set your pricing – you can actually set lower New Purchase prices and slightly higher Renewal prices or vice versa.
To set your New Hosting orders as well as Renewal Prices, go to Settings –> Set Pricing Plans and Promos.
For more details regarding setting your prices, click here (or contact your Account Manager).

DNS Modifications for New Inbound E-Mail Server:
We have recently added a New In-bound mail server for our Email Hosting Services. This addition requires you to carry out a modification to reflect this change on your Email Hosting Services.

The below modification is required only if the Clients’ Email Hosting Orders don’t use the Branded Nameservers provided by ResellerClub. In this case, they would have to add an additional DNS Record (New Record) for the Email Service at a location from where they manage their DNS.

The modification required is as follows:

Existing A Record<order id>.mx.<domain-name>.com IN A

New A record <order id>.mx.<domain-name>.com IN A

Both the above A Records will have to be maintained for all Email Services. You can add this additional DNS Record for the New In-bound Mail Server from your DNS management interface. For more details on changing your DNS Records details, please click here.

For any doubts or clarifications, feel free to get back to your Account Manager, or simply drop in a line at sales@resellerclub.com.