Enter your Email Address to get subscribed to our Blog. recently released a follow-up article on the community actions taken by us against abuse of our Domain Registration and PrivacyProtect services. It is pleasing to note that they commended us for the steps we have taken against abusive Domain Names and Registrants.

HostExploit’s report includes the fact that we have suspended over 175,000 domains this year for indulging in various abusive practices including false whois information, spam and phishing.

It also reports the various actions that have been taken to prevent our PrivacyProtect service from being abused. PrivacyProtect is a service that we provide free of charge in order to protect our Resellers and Customers from spam and other malicious online activity – and have a zero-tolerance policy against Registrants who abuse our trust.

This report affirms our constant effort to ensure that we are a valuable and trusted member of the e-community and is a further acknowledgement of the co-operation that our Resellers extend to us. It is only through our Resellers’ help and understanding that we are able to effectively deal with the rising menace of internet crimes. Hence, we consider this report as a victory in our collective fight against spam, phishing, malware, fraud and all such abusive behavior. Kudos to all of you! 🙂