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Integrate your interface seamlessly with the ResellerClub platform through our API to make the most of all we have to offer you. Let’s take a deeper look at our API.


API stands for “Application Program Interface,” or “Application Programming Interface.” An API allows you to use predefined functions to interact with the platform, instead of writing them from scratch.

The ResellerClub API comprises of ready to use Application Kits complete with examples and sample codes, which can be simply placed in your website code, in order to make remote calls to our system from your website applications.


If you want to use your own Websites and/or Control Panels to sell ResellerClub Products and Services, then the API is the way to go.

An important feature or rather an advantage of using the API is that you can bundle products & services as per your business needs. For example, the API allows you to give your Customers discounts based on purchasing more than one Product – simply put, you charge your Customer say $8.49 for purchasing just a Domain Name, but charge him a lower amount if he purchases any additional Product.

Another important use of the API is that you can sell your own Hosting (or any other Product) and at the same time include some of ResellerClub’s Products and Services in your Product list.

Do I need to have a technical team at my end to integrate my website via the API ?

If you are equipped to handle your own coding, you wouldn’t need a development team i.e. if you have your hands roughed up on any one of the Languages we offer our API in, you are all raring to go. To elaborate this further, the API is meant for use of those Resellers who

  • have designed their own interfaces for their existing Products and Services,
  • have some experience working with SOAP, and
  • have the know-how of one of the programming languages the API Kits are available in.


In a nutshell, the integration process consists of four basic steps – start off with Downloading the API Kits from ResellerClub Knowledgebase, then Modify the code and add your Reseller credentials to the API, once done with this, Upload the modified files on to your Servers and finally Test the functionality by running the example scripts. An aspect that goes one step ahead in order to achieve all this and to make Resellers’ experience hassle free is the availability of a dedicated API manager for every Reseller who wishes to integrate the API. Feel free to drop in a line to your Account Manager, or simply mail in to for any information or integration assistance.