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🙂 ResellerClub has won itself accolades…again! HostReview has ranked us among The Top 10 Reseller Web Hosts of 2008! We won the award for the superior quality of our advanced technology, backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure and our competitively priced Hosting plans.

This Award, along with a few others brings us nothing but joy, as it goes a step further to complement the highly competitive packages and reliable 24/7 Live Support that we offer our Resellers. We also happen to run regular Promos to help our Resellers get Better Solutions, make Better Profits from their product portfolio with us.

Now about those others; we are mighty pleased to announce that these awards come close on the heels of WebHostDir conferring upon us their Monthly Hosting Awards thrice! Yet another feather in our cap would include the fact that ResellerClub has been consistently ranked among the Top three Domain Registrars on RegistrarJudge ever since its advent. Domain Informer also took care of appreciating our Domain basket on offer by ranking us among their Top 10 Domain Registrars for the year!

At ResellerClub we offer multi-location Hosting with Free E-commerce websites to get up-and-selling within minutes. Our Complete Business Process Automation backed by 24/7 Live Support makes us a reliable service provider and a dedicated one-stop-shop for Web Solutions. Our entire backend with its state-of-the-art infrastructure is built so as to accommodate our vast Reseller base who form an integral part of the ResellerClub family. We would like to thank our Resellers as we could not have won these awards without the levels of trust and confidence they put in us. We promise to continue to deliver quality Products and Services as part of furthering this faith.


Team ResellerClub- Better Solutions, Better Profits