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Company: Pack Web Hosting We Spoke to:
Kirti Singh, Manager (Technical)

Website: www.packwebhosting.com

Favorite Control Panel Feature: Jump to Domain

I Choose ResellerClub Because: Apart from the great synergy between us, it’s preferable to deal with a company based nearby with the same timezone and currency

Q1) When did you enter the Web Services Industry and where do see your business going?
We entered the Web Services Industry in 2001. Initially, we used to provide Development Services and Domains/Hosting as an add-on service. Through the course of time, we realized that there was strong demand for plain vanilla Domain Name and Hosting solutions, and being pure standalone Products, we were able to position them better in the market. In 2002, we started dealing with ResellerClub for Domain Names.At this moment, our Products suite comprises of –
Kirti Singh and his team

Domain Names, Linux and Windows Hosting, Email Hosting, Digital Certificates, Payment Gateway Services, SMS Gateway Solutions and CMS/E-Commerce based web development solutions.

In the future, we see strong demand for Digital Certificates and VPS Solutions apart from the ever increasing market for Domain Names and Hosting Products. The primary reasons for this are – more awareness amongst people, need in the market and manifold increase in 2nd time buyers of Web Services.

Q2) Could you tell us some interesting stories or anecdotes about your company?
Well, at times we have been asked by Customers as to how we are able to sell so cheap and provide quality services. And do we make any money at all 🙂

Q3) What do you believe is your secret to success and why do customers prefer Pack Web Hosting?
To put it point-wise:

  • We have tried to remain as competitive as we can.
  • Have ensured transparency in Customer dealings. We tell our Customers that we deal with ResellerClub and we are their Resellers.
  • We give full control of Domain Names to our Customers and we have never tried to throw any cages on our Customers’ Products. We have realized that more the freedom you provide, the more likely the Customer is to retain our services.
  • We provide quality Hosting Services with the highest possible support levels.

Q4) Tell us a little about doing business in Chandigarh? What are the most unique aspects of the market?
Fortunately for us, Chandigarh is situated at a strategic location where it can serve the markets of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Also, it has now become a mini hub of Outsourcing activity in North India. Apart from that, better Internet access has helped us in expanding our market.

Q5) Is there any advice that you’d like to give others that are still learning the ropes in the industry?
Our advice is – be honest, competitive, give a value for money proposition.

Q6) You have been with ResellerClub since 2002. What do you think has changed over the years?
For better, nothing much has changed. Dealing with them has mostly been an easy experience. Over the years, as we have grown, the assigned Account Managers have been very helpful.

Q7) How has having ResellerClub as a partner helped your business?
A Lot! We could not have asked for a better partner than Resellerclub. Since we are based in India and they have offices in India as well, we have been able to get in touch with them for all kinds of issues within our office working hours. Also, since they use Indian banking, remittance of funds to their account has never been a problem. One of the best things about ResellerClub is their Control Panel. We sincerely believe that it is the best in the Domain Industry.

Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us about your business, we wish you the best of luck and great profits in the years ahead.

You can connect with Pack Web Hosting on Twitter, Facebook or www.PackWebHosting.com.