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Founded by Marco Ferraro, Informática Ferraro has grown to become a leading hosting and Internet service provider to small businesses and individuals in Spain and we’re delighted to present them as our new Reseller-in-Focus.
Having been a Reseller with us since 2007, Marco has gradually become more than just that. Always one to give us a fresh and honest perspective on all our developments (and even some not-so-good ones), we’ve come to value his opinion and insight greatly.
Here we have him talking to us about his foray into Web Services and the Spanish Internet Industry.

Company: Informática Ferraro

Contact/Position: M. Ferraro – CEO & Founder

Website Link:

Favorite Control Panel Feature: Our favourite feature is definitely the API as it allows us to provide all Products and Services easily and effectively to the Spanish market.

I Choose ResellerClub Because: They offer everything we need and are constantly looking to improve their Products and Services.

Q1) When did you enter the Web Services Industry and where do you see your business going?
Our Business activities began in 1999, with us offering dial-in platforms as an alternative ecommerce solution to credit cards. In 2000, we introduced our own hosting solutions for our ecommerce clients and extended this to everybody in 2002. This is also when we began offering Domain Registrations through ResellerClub. Currently, apart from offering all the Products offered by ResellerClub (which we offer entirely through the SOAP and HTTP API), we also offer our own web applications, security related services, Cisco security appliances and router implementation in small and medium networks.

Q2) Could you tell us some interesting stories or anecdotes about your company?
A memory that has deeply marked me was the sale, in 2007, of the company with which I started providing Internet services over 10 years ago. This was at the time when the crisis in Spain had just begun and can rightly be called a turning point. Thereafter, with a change in strategy, some cost reduction, and a new and competitive portfolio, I began a new, young presence on the Internet, this time as a solo entrepreneur. So far, this has been a successful strategy and with my experience in the field of systems, networks, programming and marketing, I feel that I can face any challenge. This is definitely a memory I will never forget.

Q3) Do you currently use our new HTTP API? How has it benefited your Business?
We have used the SOAP API since we joined in 2007 and have never had any problems implementing our own web applications. Of course, with the new HTTP API, coding is a lot easier and faster to implement. We’re also hoping to get the HTTP API with more functionality so that we can begin managing the entire ResellerClub Portfolio. Without the API solution, we would not have chosen ResellerClub!

Q4) Tell us a little about doing business in Spain. What are the most unique aspects of the market?
The demand for Web services in Spain is constantly increasing but there aren’t many providers that offer quality services with a reasonable price-to-service relation. Another important aspect here is customer support, an area where we have always strived to be rapid and effective.

Q5) Have you tried our new Custom Plans for Hosting and Website Builder? What value has this new feature added to your business?
We’ve actually been waiting for these new features for some time and we’re sure that they will help boost our sales. One of the most important advantages of this feature is that we can now provide Hosting Solutions for users with small projects.

Q6) How has having ResellerClub as a partner helped your business?
With ResellerClub, we’ve found a solution that helps us source the right products for our Customers. Furthermore, ResellerClub has been constantly improving their portfolio which has helped us grow and stand out in this competitive Hosting business.

A big thanks to Marco Ferraro for answering all of our questions and we look forward to an everlasting partnership with Informática Ferraro.