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We, at ResellerClub, revel in the success of our customers and are extremely proud of their stories. Having empowered over 200,000+ resellers across the globe, we feel contentment when we look at our customers’ journeys in retrospect. 

One such reseller that makes us extremely proud is HostMight. We spoke to Jobair Alam Bipul, Founder of HostMight, where he told us all about their experience of working with ResellerClub. Read on to know what he has to say.

Company Name: HostMight

We spoke to:  Jobair Alam Bipul

Website Link: https://hostmight.com/

Favourite Control Panel Feature: I love how easy it is to manage our customers, sub-resellers, domains, and control them using the portal. API integration is seamless with 3rd party products that allow me to fully automate customer purchases. 

I Choose ResellerClub Because: It has an automation platform for Domain Resellers. We can manage domains, e-mails, customers, sub-resellers from a single control panel. ResellerClub’s pricing is the most competitive I have seen. 

Q1. When did you enter the Web Services Industry and where do you see your business going? 

I have been working in the Domain and Web Hosting industry for more than 10 years. HostMight is Bangladesh’s fastest growing web hosting company, since 2010. It’s challenging but we’ve been steady every day. HostMight has unlimited potential, as it has quickly accumulated over 4500 clients. 

Q2. What do you think is your secret to success and why do customers prefer Host Might? 

Customers trust us as we are transparent with every detail of our services. Customers prefer us because of our friendly support and transparency. 

Q3. Tell us a little about doing business in Bangladesh. What are the most unique aspects of the market? 

‘Digital Bangladesh’ is one of the nation’s aspirations! The hosting industry is growing very rapidly in the country and no one can imagine ‘Digital Bangladesh’ without the emerging contribution of the web hosting industry. Domain and web hosting play vital roles here as business owners are interested in websites and virtual presence. Online payment is rapidly increasing too, as people are moving to cashless transactions. 

Q4. Is there any advice that you’d like to give others that are still learning the ropes in the Industry? 

This industry is growing day-by-day. I strongly suggest hard work and patience. Special care should be taken with client management, along with customer support. 

Q5. You have been with ResellerClub since 2014. What do you think has changed over the years? 

ResellerClub Live chat support has become more efficient over the years. When it comes to the product front, a lot of new TLDs have been added along with new products like Cloud Hosting, WordPress hosting, Gsuite, etc. 

Q6. Could you tell us some interesting stories or anecdotes about your company? How has having ResellerClub as a partner helped your business? 

ResellerClub helps us not only with technology but also guides us on developing our domain business. 

Q7: The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways businesses operate. Are you running your business remotely? If yes, how has your experience been thus far? What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them? 

We have been running our business remotely and will continue doing so until the end of 2020. Although in-person meetings are preferred by a portion of our customers & partners, we have overcome it by using Zoom and Skype. A small number of customers prefer cash or cheque payments. We have implemented multiple mobile banking payment channels and extended grace period from 5 to 10 days, to pay hosting invoices that are past due. Also, we are not charging any late fees for payments past the due date. 

Q8. Could you tell us what your most preferred product is from ResellerClub? Also, how has your experience been? 

I’d recommend ResellerClub to anyone looking to use a domain management platform. Domain features and options allow you to do almost anything you want to, with your domain name.

Q9.  Please share feedback for your Account Manager, Manish Shinde

Manish Shinde is extremely professional and is always looking out for the best interest of his clients and business partners. He is a very proactive person, dynamic and passionate about everything that he’s involved in at work. Manish is wonderful to work with. 

That’s all from our chat with HostMight. Thank you for reading through this post and also, a big shout out to HostMight. Wishing you continued growth and success.

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