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You, our resellers are extremely important to us and it’s our privilege to partner with you. At ResellerClub, we’ve partner with over 200,00 resellers from across the globe in the hope of empowering their businesses through our products and services. We’re thrilled when our resellers optimise our products and services to expand their business and grow their revenues exponentially. We wanted to draw your attention to one such reseller we’re proud to do business with, SivaKarthick Rajan Mookiah (eWallHost).

How did SivaKarthick Rajan Mookiah start?

SivaKarthick Rajan Mookiah wanted to prove something in the field of computer and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. His hobbies include watching movies, Liverpool Games, playing FIFA on Xbox One.

How did eWallHost start?


In 2007, Siva started a server management hosting company. By the efforts of the team, toiling day and night, ‘eWallHost’ was born in 2015 with the primary objective of Service, Satisfaction, and Saturation.

How did he do it? “I oversee Server Setup Optimization & Management, Online & Offline Advertisement including Remarketing. Through my calm and composed tenure, I attracted many customers. I wanted to give the best ever service offered by any hosting company.”

eWallHost receives 75 to 100 hosting orders per month.

Here’s all he did to take his company to where it is today:

Pricing Strategy


Grabbing the attention of your clients is an art. Know what your customers want before they start thinking. This is what Siva does with the help of ResellerClub’s Offers. According to Siva, “ResellerClub offers prices, products and services that are unmatched in the industry. This has enabled eWallHost to set high margins and make maximum profits while still offering a competitive price to my own customers. Most of my clients applaud eWallHost for offering some of the best prices around.”

Support or Customer Relationship

Siva follows the quote “Winners do not do different things they do things differently.” He always believes “Clients are always right” and ensures his employees follow too follow this motto. If a customer arrives with a problem, he treats it as his own problem, and he looks to fix the issue in the shortest time possible. This has boosted his relationship with his clients, increased satisfaction and as a result, his clients choose to stay on with eWallHost.

Marketing Efforts

Social Media Engagement

He specifically assigns his employees the task of actively engaging with customers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They attract their customers by sharing the best offers available at the moment on their social pages, that way, his followers do not necessarily need to go to his website to know about the offers.

Email Marketing

Email as a medium is one tool to communicate. Most of the people in this modern era do not have time to look around searching for products. eWallHost makes it easy for them through Email Marketing. Through this medium, eWallHost ensures clients aware of the ongoing offers and prices through periodic emails.

f4a7dd71b3a890a4ec7e97d128ddf6ab25deef5b5ba97ada85pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrWord of Mouth Marketing

Clients are usually excited to share with those around, the brands they love. This tried and tested technique has worked well for eWallHost. Half of Siva’s clients (and now friends) hold top positions at companies around the world and have influenced many others to consider working with eWallHost. A good word goes a long way and it certainly has for Siva.


eWallHost believes “Content is King”. Writing content through blogs about their products and what to expect is always a good starting point to educate potential customers about products and services. This method effectively influenced his customers to choose the right product.

Helping Hands

As a IT professional, Siva has good number of contacts in the industry, most of them are working in the IT sector. Through word-of-mouth and goodwill, they make known the brand name eWallHost through the world which has successfully worked to bring 10% of his clients through this channel.

Success Story

eWallHost has been soaring to great heights since 2007, and it has reached and served thousands of customers all over the world. Siva has done a fabulous job in attracting the customers and meeting their wants and needs. By helping out the clients, he educates himself, the company and customers to a great extent. In the next five years, there will be a tremendous growth in this field, especially the clients, the company and himself. Siva says, “ResellerClub has been a huge part of eWallHost’s success. Our revenues have doubled, our support has been excellent and we look forward to doing more business with ResellerClub. We are grateful for what we’ve achieved with them.”

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