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We’re proud to introduce Easy Internet Solutions Ltd. as our latest Reseller in Focus. Easy Internet Solutions, a UK based Web Services Provider that focuses on web hosting, online networking and search engine optimization (to name a few), have been leveraging our API to resell Domain Names since 2004. MD, Mark Esho takes out a few minutes to answer some of our questions.

Company: Easy Internet Solutions Ltd

Contact/Position: Mark Esho, Managing Director

Website: http://www.freevirtualservers.com/

Favorite Control Panel Feature: While not a visible part of the control panel, the ResellerClub API is by far, our favourite feature. We use it extensively to register and maintain domain names for our customers in a control panel that is familiar and easy to use for the novice or professional.

I Choose ResellerClub Because: In such a competitive industry, pricing is a key factor and ResellerClub, for many years, has offered an unbeatable combination of pricing, features and services.

Q1) When did you enter the Web Services Industry and where do see your business going?

Easy Internet started in 2000, initially offering Search Engine Optimization services. That gradually expanded into offering Domain Name registration and Website Hosting in 2001, along with Website Design, Online Storage and Dedicated Servers. These are all growth industries and business continues to grow year on year.

Current and future plans include improvements to our hosting plans with increased competitiveness, all the while retaining the stable service, with fast and polite support, that we’re well respected for.

Q2) Could you tell us an interesting story or anecdote about your company?
Our most memorable stories come from our interactions with our customers. In an industry where technical support has a bad reputation it comes as a pleasant surprise to see genuine happiness from our users when they receive a response that goes above and beyond solving their problems and leaves them with a big smile on their face. I’m pleased to say this is a common occurrence at Easy Internet and serves to demonstrate that excellent customer service is worth its weight in gold!

Q3) What do you think sets Easy Internet Solutions apart as a Web Services Provider?
We’re not afraid to break the mould and challenge typical business models – having completed an MBA myself, I’m well aware of the standard business models; the methods I’ve chosen to use for Easy Internet have proved very successful, despite perhaps appearing to go against the grain. Not being afraid to leap into the unknown has kept us ahead of the competition.

Our website hosting brand Free Virtual Servers, for instance, offers a fully-featured free website hosting package with full cPanel access, hosted on fast UK based servers, without any adverts or banners, and we also provide daily backups and 24/7 technical support! Nobody else in the UK offers such a feature-rich service at an unbeatable price. Despite offering so much for so little money we’re able to provide the service in a fashion that is sustainable for us and many thousands of website owners. We also provide packages for larger websites and dedicated servers for those with very busy or complex websites.

Q4) Tell us a little about doing business in the UK. What are the most unique aspects of the market?
Having operated free & cheap hosting services for 9 years, we know that it’s a very popular product around here. There’s a consistent demand for budget website hosting as people become more affluent and start their own websites – perhaps for a personal blog or a family photo gallery, and frequently for new businesses looking to get off the ground.

For a lot of our first-time users price and ease of use are the most important factors, coupled with enough support to help them familiarize themselves with all of the technology that’s now at their fingertips. Tools such as Fantastico are available to allow even novices to set up a new blog or CMS in mere minutes, without getting their hands too dirty. Today, professional looking websites are within the grasp of beginners without huge up-front costs.

Q5) What, in your opinion are the few things new entrants should keep in mind before entering this Industry?
New entrants must ensure they’ve got plenty of determination to succeed and a strong work ethic to match. Many aspects of the web services industry, especially Website Hosting, require constant and tireless attention – it’s not a 9-to-5 business that you can set up and forget about while the cash rolls in. Offering the right product mix is also key to your success; what will set you apart from the thousands of others offering similar services? Who else is doing that? How well are they doing it? Can you do it better, cheaper or faster?

Q6) You have been with ResellerClub since 2004. What do you think has changed over the years?
Over the years ResellerClub has bettered itself by adding more functionality and, importantly, increasing its stability. New features provided by ResellerClub, accessible via the API, can be passed on to our customer base with relative ease.

The website hosting industry itself has changed significantly with increased competition pushing pricing well down. This is excellent news for the consumer as the cost of having a website is now lower than it has ever been. For website hosts it’s imperative that the users are kept happy – if they’re not happy, there are plenty of other hosts who would like the opportunity to do so! We keep our users happy by providing a consistently fast, affordable and stable service with the best possible support.

Q7) How has having ResellerClub as a partner helped your business?
With ResellerClub taking care of the complexity of managing domain names we’ve been able to put a greater focus on other things that are important to our clients – providing world class support and operating a fast and stable service. Not having to worry about domain management allows us to achieve those goals a lot more efficiently.

The Easy Internet Solutions Team

A big thank you to Mark Esho for taking out the time to talk to us and all the best to Easy Internet Solutions for all their future endeavours!

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