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We are thrilled to announce The Grand Renewal Rush: A chance to renew all your .COM/.NET Domains at our best slab pricing of $7.89! While other Registrars have started informing their Resellers about the upcoming .COM and .NET price hikes, at ResellerClub we are offering you a Promotion to leverage on it by offering huge discounts to your Customers before the hike! This promo starts on 3rd June, 2010.

What’s in it for you?

With the Registry price hike right around the corner, the renewal prices for .COM and .NET Domains will only increase going forward. This Promotion will offer you the necessary edge over competition, by helping your Customers save big bucks on their .COM and .NET Domain Renewals.

What makes this promo even better is our recently launched Telescopic pricing feature. This feature lets you set different pricing based on the number of years that a Product is renewed for by your Customers, thereby incentivizing them into renewing for a longer duration.

The Grand Renewal Rush coupled with the Telescopic pricing feature provides an excellent opportunity for you to attain greater Customer rentention and thus boost your revenue!

Here’s where you can read more on this feature: http://manage.resellerclub.com/kb/servlet/KBServlet/faq907.html

Please Note:

  • This Promo is applicable on ALL years of Renewals.
  • Registrations and Transfer-Ins will not attract this Promo Pricing.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of Domains that can be renewed during this period.
  • Promo Period – From the 3rd of June, 12:30 UTC to the 30th of June, 12:30 UTC
 .CN.COM @ $8.99 – Starts on 3rd June

The withdrawal of .CN domains from sale outside China means that Resellers have been unable to help the thousands of companies all over the world that want to use China-specific domain names. We now enable you to fully satisfy this demand, with an unprecedented price of $8.99 for .CN.COM domains, which is the best alternative for .CN!

There are absolutely no restrictions on who can buy .CN.COM, and the $8.99 pricing is available on all years of Registration. It is a proven extension for establishing a web presence in the Chinese Market, and we hope you make the most of this offer.

 .MOBI @ $8.99 – Starts on 3rd June

On account of popular demand, the .MOBI promo is back, with .MOBI domains at an awesomely low pricing of $8.99 only! This is a limited time offer, and we hope you leverage on it as much as you can.