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There’s a lot of buzz going around about the gTLD, .ASIA, and you might’ve already heard about a few of benefits of this Domain Name. We take you through the potential of this TLD in detail, and list down a few reasons behind .ASIA being a highly sought after Domain. Get .ASIA domains at just $1.99 with ResellerClub’s Special Promo and boost your .ASIA numbers!

.ASIA is the official Web address for Asia. Your customers can use this TLD to expand their local business regionally across Asia with a Domain Name that caters to the Asian audience. Since most businesses and transactions happen here, we highly recommend you to endorse this TLD to your customers! Getting .Asia is the sure shot way to reach the ever-growing Asian markets that also helps in targeting multiple countries!

Why .ASIA?

  • Local Presence

If you have a business in Asia then this TLD is a natural fit for Web content pertaining to your customers’ products and websites as it makes your domain name Asia-friendly! You can easily tap into the Asia market, since the extension provides an opportunity to cover a targeted area with a unique domain name. .Asia provides an identity and a foothold in the marketplace across various countries such as Japan, Indonesia, China, Philippines and so on.

  • SEO Relevance

Since Search Engine Optimization is all about relevance and presence, .Asia can give a boost to a website name in the local Search Engine rankings. Keyword domains play a major role in enhancing Search Result Rankings and hence, a .ASIA in your website can give you a favourable ranking.

  • Valuable asset in the Asian internet market

.ASIA can be seen and used by international businesses and is a popular choice for brands across the Asia-Pacific markets. .Asia helps you connect with the most dynamic region that comprises of large and developed marketplaces.

Here’s a look at the Recent Asian Numbers:


36.5% of worldwide B2C e-commerce sales will come from the Asia-Pacific region in 2014 and this number is expected to reach 39.7% in 2016



Here are a few instances of .ASIA domain that benefitted businesses:


Name of organization                    Bacchanalia

Type of business                              Leisure – Award-winning restaurant and lounge

The Founder’s take on .ASIA:

“Managing just the one regional internet domain allows us to have a lively, dynamic and responsive internet presence.”


Name of organization                    SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine and SME100

Type of business                              Publisher and Events Organizer

The Founder’s take on .ASIA:

“A simple web address and the ‘.asia’ domain make it easy for people to remember where to find us.”


Name of organization                    Propaganda Studios

Type of business                              Photography and video agency

The Founder’s take on .ASIA:

 “The ‘.asia’ internet domain anchors us geographically and helps to bring people looking for the services we provide straight to our website.” 

It’s clear that .ASIA is the perfect extension for companies, organizations, and individuals based in Asia. As Asia holds an incredibly large chunk of internet users, and is home to one of the most powerful economies in the world, it’s best for your customers to grab this short and unique domain name before it’s gone!

Join us on a Webinar on 21st October, and learn about the benefits of the .ASIA extension and how it works as a perfect Domain Name for individuals and businesses in the Asia-Pacific!

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