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We have recently migrated one of our branding Nameservers,, to a new, more robust data center.

The migration has necessitated certain steps which your Resellers and you need to take for these services to continue functioning normally.

The below modifications are required only if you have setup your fully branded Nameservers. Otherwise, you need not make any changes since we have already updated your partially branded Nameservers from our end.

In case you have registered your fully branded Nameservers with the old IP addresses, you would have to modify the IP addresses to the ones mentioned below:


Partially branded NS Existing IP Addresses New IP Addresses
<your reseller id or chosen prefix>,,
No change
<your reseller id or chosen prefix>,,,,
<your reseller id or chosen prefix>,,
No change
<your reseller id or chosen prefix>,,
No change

The following actions are required:



  • The IP Addresses for the affected Nameserver needs to be modified from your Domain Management interface (modification to the Child Name Server).
  • The DNS Records for the affected Nameserver need to be updated with the New IP Addresses from your DNS management interface.



You can refer to our Knowledgebase for more details on changing your Nameserver details.

For any doubts or questions that you have pertaining to this migration, please feel free to contact us.