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After the .COM @ $7.39 Promo where we introduced the first ever Opt-in Promo, we are considering running all Promos in the same way.

For those of you who don’t know what an Opt-in Promo is:
An Opt-in promo is offered through the ResellerClub Promo Engine however, it is not automatically activated. If you wish to opt-in for the Promo, you need to manually set your pricing in the Promo Engine for it to be activated.

This is unlike our previous promos where all offers were automatically activated with your Selling Price as 10% above the Promo Cost Price.

Here’s how we see this option:


  • You only sign up for Promos that you want to offer.
  • You will not need to manually end a Promo; unless you have opted-in for it and want to end it before the Promo end date.
  • The promo starts at the Selling Price that you want it to start at.


  • If you miss a Promo announcement, you may end up missing the promo all together.
  • You will need to manually activate all Promos.

So let us know what you would prefer by registering your vote on sidebar widget, under ‘RC Poll’. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, simply leave us a comment below this post.