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I would like to thank everyone who voted and expressed their opinion on whether or not all promos should be Opt-in Promos.

The poll results were unfortunately inconclusive as we had 45% Voters for all Promos being Opt-in Promos and 55% Voters against it.

However, thanks to the suggestions posted on the original blog post, especially by Oliver and Steve, we will now be changing the way we run all promos.

Moving forward, we will trickle all promos well before the start date and resellers can then log in and set their promo prices before the promo even begins. The promo prices will only be applicable from 0:00 UTC on the day the promo is scheduled to begin.

This new method has already been implemented with the .BIZ @ $3.99 promo, which is scheduled to begin on the 15th of December, 2009. Resellers can login and set the Promo prices for their Customers and Resellers and experience the changes first hand.