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.IN Promo – Extended!  .INFO Promo – Extended!
.BZ @ $11.99 – Starts October 2nd  Promo Line-up for October ’09

.IN @ $3.99 – Now Extended

We’ve just received news from the Registry that due to our great numbers, the .IN and Third Level .IN Promo has now been extended to the 30th of October! So now, you get the special pricing of $3.99 and $4.99 on .IN and Third Level .IN Domains for a whole month more!

For more information on this Promo, click here.

.INFO @ $3.49 – Now Extended With A New Price

The .INFO Promo has been extended to the 30th of December with a new price of $5.99 for New Registrations. This new pricing will take effect on the 30th of September at 12:30 UTC.

Please Note:

To extend this promo, we will be ending the current promotion on the 29th of September at 12:30 UTC. The promo will then be restarted on the 30th of September at 12:30 UTC with the new Promo Price of $5.99.

.BZ @ $11.99 – Starts October 2nd

Enjoy a 30% cut in the cost for new .BZ Registrations starting from the 2nd of October at 12:30 UTC. This is another ResellerClub promo where you get the best prices in the industry so make sure that you cash in on .BZ Domains @ $11.99 only.

Promo Line-up for October ’09

Here’s a quick look at the Promos that will be on offer in October:

  • .COM @ $7.39 – the best price in the industry in our first ever Opt-in Promo. More Information >>
  • .EU @ $3.49 – Up to 55% off on New Registrations
  • .INFO @ $5.99 – Begins on 30th September
  • .BZ @ $11.99 – Save $7 with a 30% Discount!
  • .IN @ $3.99 – Upto 70% Off!
  • Third Level .IN @ $4.99More Information >>

It looks like October is shaping up to be another month with great profit potential!

The .COM @ $7.39 and the .EU @ $3.49 Promos are live! Login to your Control Panel and set your pricing now!

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