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The guys from the ResellerClub Hosting Summit team have created a Retro-styled game aimed specifically at the Hosting Industry! It’s an asteroid mod game very reminiscent of Space Invaders.

The DDOS PINGS are coming!
Click here to start playing the PING Attack Game!

In the RCHS game your Server is under a DDOS attack! (What’s a DDOS Attack?). Incoming PINGs are attempting to take it down and you are the only thing between uptime and a server crash. You can use your mouse to point and click to shoot. You have to use Arrow Keys to move the server around the layout to dodge the PINGs.

Win  Your Free Stay!

Protect your server from crashing for the longest time and you could win a free stay at the Hyatt Regency in Gurgaon during the ResellerClub Hosting Summit 2013!

All you have to do is:
1.Take a screenshot of the game endscreen with the score and clock clearly visible
2. Submit the screenshot on the ResellerClub Hosting Summit Page on Facebook as a message attachment or tweet at us @RCHostingSummit
3. Contest ends on 5th October 2013!

Go here to start shooting!

Let us know your thoughts about the first hosting industry mod to this popular retro game in the comments below!

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