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As a developer, you are a tech geek who knows the in and out of the collaborative platforms around the world and are amongst the smartest users for such networks. Such platforms can help developers like yourself to collaborate, explore, learn new tricks and techniques and share the same knowledge with other developers all around the world. Hence, we call this a collaborative hub for developers.

We know that you focus a lot on quality content and community driven sites and are affirmative of the fact that you must already be there on one of these platforms looking at the amount of developers present on these networks. Here are our picks for the the top platforms for collaboration :


1) HTML5 Rocks



HTML5 Rocks is an open source project powered by Google. It is a network dedicated to HTML5 where developers can find tutorials, resources and various other demonstrations of the current on going technology.


  • Multimedia – New API versions helps to read and edit raw data to audio files and even manipulate captions from the videos. HTML5 rocks is combined with other technologies like Canvas, CSS, SVG and even WebGL
  • Graphics – Various browser support is provided through Data URL’s, CSS Transforms, PNG Alpha Transparency, SVG, Canvas etc.
  • Offline – HTML5 rocks has introduced a number of features to make offline web apps a reality like Application apache, LocalStorage, webSQL & indexed database.


What’s unique?

  • Work offline with apps
  • Have access to multimedia files and the ability to edit them


2) GitHub




GitHub supports the web hosting services for development projects and builds a community for web developers. GitHub has transformed itself from being a platform to share codes to being the largest code host on the planet.  



  • Field-tested tools – GitHub supports and offers both commercial plans and also free accounts for open source projects and is known for being the largest code host.
  • Integrated issue tracking – Gives you the freedom to use a flexible issue tracker  which helps your teammates and collaborators to view and fix issues on private repositories and anyone in public repositories.
  • Team management within the organisation – GitHub allows you to give the right amount of power and control required by any team on this hub. The web developer can create an entire new project on this or can only ready through documents if you’ve made settings like that.


What’s unique?

  • Apt for commercial plans and open source projects for your web hosting needs.
  • Easy management within the organisation


3) Snipplr –





We’re sure, as a web developer, you’ve written many codes and most of them are scattered all over your computer systems. There may be times where you might have to write the same code again for a different program and may not be able to locate t. Thanks to Snipplr, this problem is now solved. Snipplr helps to store all the code snippets in one place, so you can find your codes easily.



  • Acts a hive mind by storing all the codes in just one place.
  • Interaction becomes easier because people from this community can comment on your codes.
  • Snipplr has share buttons attached which helps you to share your code snippets easily on social networking sites which gives your exposure


What’s unique?

  • Store codes in a single place
  • Easy sharing of codes on social media sites


4) Masterbranch





Masterbranch is a network wherein developers can share codes, receive calls from recruiters,help build communities, learn more about coding and developing and also help know your rank locally and globally and help you analyse your rankings.



  • Helps you share your code with different developers and recruiters.
  • Helps benchmark your work and your skills
  • Helps you discover jobs for yourself which are relevant to your skills and abilities.

They are currently monitoring 4,207,750 developers in 168 countries.


What’s unique?

  • Ideal platform for web developers who are looking for jobs
  • Helps in getting better knowledge and expertise through reviews


5)  Stackoverflow




Stackoverflow is a question and answer site which helps developers find solutions to their problems. It is built and run by the developers themselves on the Stock Exchange network of Q&A sites.



  • Run by developers themselves
  • Helps to build your own personal library to store codes
  • It’s a question and answer platform which helps you to solve all your doubts relating to coding or developing.


What’s unique?

  • Ideal platform to ask and solve all your queries regarding developing.


So, here are our list of platforms that you should be on depending on your skills, requirements and proficiency, follow and be on. Furthermore, there are various certified courses that will help you gain more knowledge as a web developer. CoderCamp is a website that provides you with free online learning courses such as .net and Javascript, CodeSchool provides HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby etc courses. There many such online certificate programs which we will cover up in the future blogs.

Stay tuned and keep coding!