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Last week we permanently slashed our .IN Prices by up to 30%. With this Price Drop, we’ve tried to ensure that we continue to offer you the most competitive prices around.

The new Registration, Renewal and Transfer-In Price for .IN Domains is:

Slab New Price
Base Slab $9.99
Slab 1 $9.79
Slab 2 $9.59
Slab 3 $9.49

How this will impact Current .IN Promos

As you already know, we’re currently running two separate Promos on .IN Registrations and Renewals.

With the .IN Registration Promo, the Price for First year Registrations is $1.89 and this will Promo Price will remain till the end of March, 2011. For a 2 year registration, though, you would be charged $1.89 for year 1 and your new Slab Pricing for year 2.

As for the Renewal Promo, .IN Renewals for all 10 years will be charged at $8.99 till the 31st of August 2011.

Note: The new Pricing is applicable only on Second Level .IN Domains and not on any Third Level .IN Domains (.CO.IN, .NET.IN etc).

We had been pushing for a reduction in the .IN prices for some time now and we completely welcome this change. With INs now within the same price range as gTLDs, it rules out price as a deciding factor when choosing between TLDs.

Customers can now look at .INs as a viable option for their online presence without worrying about price.