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Welcome to Part II of our revamped Email Hosting Product offering. Now we have to inform you that though we received great response for our single Email Hosting plan, we decided to take things one step further. We are now pleased to announce that the 500 Email accounts/package limitation has been done away with! You can now avail of Unlimited Email Accounts with 1 GB of storage space per account for the throwaway price of $0.35 only!


Details of the New Email Hosting Plan:

  • A single Email Hosting Plan @ $0.35/month across all slabs.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts per package.
  • 1 GB Mail space per Email account.
  • The features and management of this Product will continue to be the same as the existing Email Hosting Product.


Details of the Launch:

  • Date: 27th May, 2009
  • Time: Between 5:30 AM and 6:00 AM UTC
  • Pricing: Once the launch is completed, your Plan B Pricing for Email Hosting will be applicable as the Selling Price for the New Single Email Hosting Plan.

You can modify this pricing by going to:

Settings >> Set Pricing, Plans and Promos >> Web & Email Hosting >> Set Pricing and Plans >> US Hosting Package (Under Email Hosting)


The advantages of this revamp are numerous.  You can take a look at this and the impact on your existing product at Part I of our Email Hosting Product blog post.


In step with this revamp, we have a special Spam Processing Webinar lined up for your benefit. Do make your presence felt at the same as we take you through important information on Spam and its impact on your Business.


Details of this Webinar:


For any questions or clarifications regarding this webinar, feel free to write in to us at webinar@resellerclub.com.


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