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Our New Unlimited Hosting Product is all geared for launch on the 1st of July ’09 at 05:30 UTC!

In our previous post, we detailed the Control Panel and API Changes needed to be made for this launch. In this post, we are further going to list certain SuperSite and PartnerSite changes that we would like you to take note of.

Do make sure to give this a good read!


Some Quick Pointers:

  • The maximum purchase period for Web Hosting will now be set to 10 years.
  • As part of the effort to simplify the purchase process for basic Customers, Dedicated IPs will not be available for purchase with the Hosting package from the SuperSite. Customers can purchase these from the Control Panel while managing their Hosting Package.


Details of the launch on the 1st of July:

  • Date: 1st of July, 2009
  • Time: Between 5:30 and 6:30 UTC
  • Pricing: Once the launch is completed, your Selling Price for the new Hosting Product will have to be set to reflect the newer pricing. This can be done from the following path:
    Settings » Set Pricing, Plans and Promos » Web & Email Hosting » Set Pricing and Plans » US Hosting Package (Under Web Hosting)


SuperSite Impact:

  • In order to help you market this new product better, we will make certain changes to the SuperSite. You will need to reset the following pages to Default and then make the necessary changes here:


  • Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Homepage » Includes » Hostingblurb.html
  • Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Products » Hosting » Web_email_hosting » Hosting_plans.html
  • Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Menu_data.js
  • Manage Theme » JS » Menu_style.js


  • A new Hosting page will be created for this Product. To make any translations/changes to this new page, you can visit the following path:
    Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Products » Hosting » Web_email_hosting » Includes » Hosting_plans_details.html (new page)


PartnerSite Impact:

  • The Pricing table for the Hosting product will be changed to incorporate the new Hosting Product. Once again, you will need to set the following page to default and then make any changes that you deem fit over here:
    Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Products » Pricing » Pricing.html


Impact on the Existing Product:


  • The four existing plans will be replaced with the new single plan with Web Hosting + Email Hosting for $2.49.




  • All existing Hosting Orders will be upgraded to the new unlimited Hosting Plan on the 1st of July. The login credentials, management and features of these existing orders will continue to function as is.

So there is all you need to know about the launch. Still got questions? Write in to us at sales@resellerclub.com.