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Introducing versions of our Reseller Program customized to local needs of different markets

Over the last year we have undertaken a comprehensive project to customize ResellerClub’s Program to serve Resellers from different countries in the best way possible.

To begin with we will be launching local programs for 7 major markets around the world. These new programs will include local websites powered by the same infrastructure we currently use for our Global program but with a completely local flavor.

While working on this project, we realized very quickly, that just translating a website does not equal true customization. So we’re going a step ahead and I am pleased to report to you that every local program will now be backed with local offices & all the payment options popular in that market.

We started this project with China as our Test country and the results have surpassed all our expectations. Our Reseller Satisfaction Index (RSI) has gone off the charts and we are now doing more business than we’ve ever done before.

This, in turn has strengthened our resolve to roll this out to as many countries as possible and we’ve just recently made our Russian program live! There are 3 main initiatives of this new program that I’d like to share with you today.

  1. Local Payment Options:
    Our research suggests that Web Money is the most popular platform for payments in Russia. While we had integrated this payment option earlier, we have now introduced the ability to transact in Rubles. (Even though this meant that one of our Biz-Devs had to sit and code away in PHP all night:)
  2. Accessibility:
    As I mentioned before, translating the website to Russian was only step 1. I am now happy to announce that our readymade Storefront (The SuperSite), all our control panels all our ready to use collaterals are now LIVE in Russian :). We have made sure that all our static touch points are now in the language you guys are most comfortable with.
  3. Local Staff:
    To make sure that we understand the Russian market better and our Resellers can interact with someone who understands their needs best, we have gone ahead and added Russian folks to our Biz-Dev team. The Russian team will be led by Vasiliy whom you can get in touch with at Vasiliy.s@resellerclub.com.

All our existing Reseller’s can join this program and start enjoying the benefits right away. Your Total Receipts and pricing from your Global ResellerClub account can even be migrated over to the new one.
If you choose not to start a new Russian account with us, you can continue as a Global RC Reseller and still enjoy the new Russian Storefront and payment options.

We will be introducing customized Reseller programs in many more countries (UK is up next!) and we’d really appreciate your feedback on this. Do let us know what you think in the comments below.