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Customize it any way you want

A couple of months back, I spent about 3 hours discussing our Hosting with one of our clients and I mentioned that we were looking at introducing a feature that would allow Resellers to customize the packages they offer – I’m happy to say Chris, we have delivered 🙂


After spending several hours on the drawing board and then on code (complimented with 1000s of cups of coffee), I (on behalf of the entire team) am extremely happy to announce that we have launched our customizable Hosting plans.

Many Resellers, just like Chris have been offering our hosting right from it’s inception and have always appreciated the ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ model – pay only when your Customers pay you, no inventory to manage, everything under one roof, etc.

Their biggest gripe, however, was that while the sales model really suited them, the lack of flexibility was something we could improve upon. In fact, I have spoken to several clients that wanted and are now excited about the fact that they can actually customize their packages as they wish to (and their prices too).

To me, this is pretty much like a marriage between several of the bulk hosting options out there and our pay-as-you-go model. You now however, get more flexibility with the pay-as-you-go model along with the convenience of not having to manage inventory. All this through a single account for all your web infrastructure requirements.

Our development and sysad teams have worked quite hard to get this feature rolled out, and the Support team has even geared itself to service you guys better. All in all, all of RC is looking forward to you guys making the most of this – and to tell you the truth, the difference can be seen with only a couple of days since the launch.

I’d love to know what you guys think of it – you could add a comment to this post or mail me directly at shridhar_dot_l_at_resellerclub_dot_com.

I’m also conducting a Webinar on October 6th, 2010 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM GMT on the new features and would love to speak to you guys there. Click here to register for the Webinar.