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With more and more organisations moving online in the aftermath of the global pandemic, the .ORG domain extension helps easily establish trust and integrity with your customers. In a sea of newly released domain extensions, it is one of the most recognisable and original gTLDs. 

Whether you’re a business, a non-profit, a cultural community, a blogger or an educational organisation, the .ORG domain will give your brand instant recognition!

Why is .ORG popular? 

  • Builds credibility: It is one of the original gTLDs to be released and has been powering online organisations since the last 30 years
  • Open to all: Encompasses all online ventures, as opposed to the general view of non-profit. Powers digital creators, bloggers, social enterprises, clubs, families and more
  • Secure: A secure domain extension that offers you protection and also builds trust and reliability with your customers. .ORG supports Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) deployment

  • Memorable: The .ORG domain extension is familiar, highly memorable, crisp and apt

.ORG helps bridge the gap between businesses and customers whether non-profit or profit-making. It’s perfect to be used by & for charities, educational institutions, NGOs, businesses with CSR divisions, social groups, individuals etc.

The extension currently has over 14 million registrations, ranks 3rd in the list of all gTLDs & is used by 4.5% of all websites registered according to W3Techs and Domain Name Stat.  

Popular Brands using .ORG

So, what are you waiting for? Register your ORGanisation with the .ORG domain and be a part of a thriving global community! Login & set prices today!

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