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With new domain extensions cropping up almost everyday, it seems easy for a single TLD to get lost in the crowd and difficult for you as a reseller to decide which TLD to side with. Let’s declutter it for you with some statistics.

.ONLINE – The Record Breaker

Since its launch, .ONLINE has been breaking records – closing with 1130 Early Access Program orders – the highest EAP registrations by any extension.

The extension again broke all records when it went live almost a year ago, registering 28000+ domains in the first 30 minutes in the General Availability Phase!

Why is .ONLINE so popular?

  • It’s synonymous with the Internet & Web
  • It has high recall value & is easily remembered
  • Its generic nature allows it to fit any & every business
  • It’s understood in 24 languages around the world

.ONLINE is the single word connect to the Internet for anyone looking to have a web presence. It’s fantastic to be used by & for schools, institutions, NGOs, eCommerce stores, product launches, social groups etc.

The extension currently has over 330, 525 registrations & features in the list of 10 Highest New gTLDs by nTLD stats.

The ResellerClub Advantage

You can now get .ONLINE for just $2.99 till the end of the month.


Register by the 100’s or 1000’s & make your profits!


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