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Company: EtisaWe Spoke to:
Julio Palencia, Sales Manager

Website: www.etisa.com.mx

Favorite Control Panel Feature: We really are proud of the panel we offer our Customers. Simple, clean, but powerful.

I Choose ResellerClub Because: It is simple: We work with ResellerClub because you make us better at providing Hosting and Domain Services.

Q1) When did you enter the Web Services Industry and where do see your business going?
Our team consists mainly of web developers and system engineers so, it only made sense for us start a business in that area, something closely related to the Internet.
We started Etisa in 2004 and have been constantly growing ever since.

The Etisa Team

We have 2 major offerings:
1. Web development, Web Hosting and Domain Names services.
2. Network and server configuration, Windows and Linux.
For the future, we expect to double our current team strength in the next 2 years and hopefully become one of the largest Hosting Providers in México and Latin America.

Q2) Could you tell us some interesting stories or anecdotes about your company?

We have migrated our accounts twice in the past; thousands of them, to different providers. We spent night and day migrating accounts for almost a week, just so that we can better our hosting services for our Customers. But now that we are with ResellerClub, that time is gone.
Q3) What do you believe is your secret to success and why do customers prefer Etisa?

One Golden Rule in our company is that if a Customer is not happy with our services, at any time, we will return his money. We strive to develop a trusting relationship with them.
We are also very proud of our customer support. We have a variety of ways that a customer can access support, and this is to make them sure their needs always reach us. We are the first line of support, and we work to make it a 100% reliable.
Q4) Tell us a little about doing business in Mexico? What are the most unique aspects of the market?
We currently sell our Hosting and Domain services mainly in México and Central America. However, we want to move on to South America and the South of United States, where the Spanish language is strong. In fact, we currently have some Customers from there, but it is not our main market.
There are many Companies that sell the same services in México. However, we believe that their weakness is support. A very far away support, just through tickets. Mexicans are not used to this. They prefer to have someone to speak to regarding their needs or the issues they are facing at that moment.
A very important characteristic of the market is that it is still growing and Customers are well aware of the multiple options they have. The best campaign for a company is word of mouth. A happy Customer will talk to others and tell them 10 great things about you. An angry customer will do exactly the contrary. That is why we believe in consistently offering great support, and even better service.
Q5) Is there any advice that you’d like to give others that are still learning the ropes in the industry?
For us, customers come first. And second. And third. There is no other way.
You either fulfill Customers’ needs or you don’t. We strive to always fulfill them.

Q6) What value has ResellerClub’s Unlimited Hosting added to your business?
There are 3 very important things here:
1. Domain Names with the admin panel for Customers
2. High quality hosting
3. Great support
We were working before with some other hosting providers, but support was their Achilles’ heel. Weak support and average hosting services as well.
What we want for our Customers is what we look for ourselves: great support that is always there for you.

Q7) How has having ResellerClub as a partner helped your business?
We have grown tremendously over the last 2 years. We are a better service providers now, and we are more confident that we can provide the best Hosting services available in the Mexican and the Latin American market. We have found in ResellerClub an extremely helpful partner, always changing and improving.