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sitelock blog bannerYou wake up one morning and get started on your daily chores of pouring over your e-mail only to discover that your inbox has been flooded with angry emails from irate customers, complaining about how your business has failed to deliver. It’s bad enough to wake up to something so troubling, but its even worse to not have a clue as to what went wrong!

This is the recent story of a small business owner who had spent every effort in setting up an online presence and carefully building his brand online. He had invested a significant amount in getting an attractive website and some more in regularly promoting it on various channels. His SEO efforts had especially had him bleed money through his nose and after months of investing in search engine rankings, he had finally started moving up the ladder.

In spite of making sure that his supplies were well-stocked and his customers were satisfied, imagine his horror, when he discovered that his site had been defaced overnight and his data had disappeared. All his sales orders and accounts of debtors and creditors has been wiped out and he had no clue of how to get it back.

Not only did Google blacklist the site soon after and cause his hard-earned rankings to crash, his customers also lost trust, his revenue plummeted, and his goodwill was permanently damaged. All that investment of time, money and effort had gone down the drain with a single attack!

This could very well be the story of any of your Customers. While, you are spending a significant amount of time and effort in creating beautiful websites for your customers and guaranteeing them good rankings on search engines, a 17 or 24 year old Russian or Chinese hacker has his eyes fixed on your site and is plotting on how to exploit it next.

The Truth of the Matter

While we live in the belief that its only the bigger, e-commerce portals that are worthy of being exploited, the truth is that everyday, 5,000 small and medium websites are attacked. Google blacklists 6,000 websites everyday and over 68% of  data breaches are caused by spreading malware. To aggravate matters further, a recent study pointed out that hackers are using websites, 5 times more than email, to launch attacks, since they are more effective. Moreover, these attacks are largely launched on commonly used software that powers a lot of websites.

Verizon recently reported in their annual data breach report that “Web applications remain the proverbial punching bag of the Internet. They’re beaten in one of two ways: by exploiting a weakness in the application (typically inadequate input validation), or by using stolen credentials to impersonate a valid user. Many of the attacks in our 2013 dataset targeted off-the-shelf content management systems (e.g., Joomla!, WordPress, or Drupal) to gain control of servers for use in DDoS campaigns.”

The saddest part is that almost 100% website owners realize this only too late, typically after the bad guys have hit them real bad!

So what is the solution? 

We, at ResellerClub, realize that small business owners are seldom aware of the threats that the online world poses. Moreover, they lack the technical know-how of protecting their websites, and the right resources of putting adequate measures in place.

With the increase in online security breaches, and the horrors of heartbleed, ResellerClub, has embarked on an effort to provide easy and affordable security to every website owner. As a first in this effort, we bring you a wholesome website security solution – SiteLock.

SiteLock is an effective malware detector that works as an early detection alarm in identifying common threats like malware, bot attacks and hack attempts, before they can cause any serious damage to a website. It not only works on identifying vulnerabilities and thwarting threats, but also in fixing loopholes in website code and database structure. The good work doesn’t just stop there. SiteLock also offers a strong firewall to keep bad bots from bringing your website down and also monitors your online reputation on search engines and spam filters. The best part is that it does not need to be set up or configured – it start working automatically. Moreover, it not just identifies malware, but also removes it automatically! All this means that your Customers can rest assured and focus on their business and clients while SiteLock will work to protect their website 24×7.

Webinar on Getting Started with Sitelock

Sitelock & ResellerClub are conducting a joint Webinar to tackle questions on Internet Security & using Sitelock to help your customers protect their websites from threats online – Register Now!

So while there are a lot of ill-meaning hackers out there, website security can be as easy as buying a SiteLock package today.

Don’t wait for your website to get hacked and compromised, protect it beforehand and be one step ahead of the bad guys!