Another Ransomware Attack Petya makes Headlines

What is Petya? The latest ransomware cyber attack ‘Petya/Petrwrap/ExPetr’ or ‘GoldenEye’ has quickly targeted computer systems all over the globe crippling large firms across Europe, Israel, Russia and the US, reportedly starting from Ukraine. It makes use of Eternal Blue exploit as a means to multiply  itself wrecking the system and leaving it inaccessible until a payment of $300 Bitcoins has been made. Kaspersky Lab’s global research director Costin Raiu tweeted on June 28th to say the majority of infections seen by his firm had taken place in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, and Poland. How does Petya work and which […]

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wp hosting launch resellerclub blog

WordPress Hosting Now Live on ResellerClub!

We promised to bring WordPress hosting to you by the end of March and we’ve delivered! Yes, one of our most awaited launches, WordPress hosting is now live on the ResellerClub platform. WordPress thrived owing to its impeccable user-experience and is considered to be one of the most well-known and widely used comntent management systems for hosting websites. Let’s run you through why our WordPress hosting can help you deliver excellence to your customers. Why choose WordPress Hosting? Our WordPress hosting provides you with all the essentials to build resilient websites – speed, reduced load time, auto back-ups and security. […]

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big birthday bash 2017 resellerclub blog

The Big Birthday Bash Sale is Here! Plans starting @ just $1

We’ve turned 11 this February and the ResellerClub family would like to thank you guys for all the love and support. Every Big Birthday Bash, we send all our love with killer promos. We’ve decided to turn things up a notch with never before pricing on every product! You can now get any hosting plan at a flat price! This Big Birthday Bash, we are offering up to 80% discounts on hosting & domains products. Here are the details of the discounts resellers can enjoy under the Big Birthday Bash offers: Multi-Domain Hosting – Upto 80% off Cloud Hosting – […]

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LINUX-KVM-VPS ResellerClub Blog

Linux KVM VPS now Live!

Earlier we only had Virtuozzo virtual private servers on the ResellerClub platform. We promised you a range of A-grade products for 2017 and we have delivered (yes of course, there’s more to come!). KVM VPS is now Live! Yes, that’s right, we’re proud to announce Kernel-based Virtual Machine VPS as a new addition to the ResellerClub platform! If you’re looking for Virtuozzo servers, they continue to exist. You can refer to our plans and prices over here What is KVM? Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a virtualization infrastructure for the Linux kernel that turns it into a hypervisor. It was merged […]

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new gtld report november 2016 resellerclub blog

New gTLD Report – November 2016

Hey folks, I’m sure you know that we were running BlackFriday promos on some of our new gTLDs in the last week of November. When I had a look at the numbers, I honestly thought there was an error in data. But after a double-check, the data was correct and this month’s nTLD adds are the most erratic so far. The common trend in our report does not reflect for November owing to the BlackFriday Sale. We sold a record-breaking 33000+ .TOP domains during the last week of November, the highest number of domain adds in a month as far […]

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ICANN transfer resellerclub blog

How ICANN’S new transfer policy will affect domain transfers

If you or your customers plan to transfer a domain name in the near future, read on to find out about new policy changes that may impact your transfer process. Through this blog we hope to cover the following points, What the IRTP is How this impacts you What ResellerClub is doing to aid you in this process FAQ’s What is the IRTP? ‘The Inter Registrar Transfer Policy’ is a new transfer policy by ICANN that affects all ICANN-accredited registrars and takes effect from the 1st of December 2016. In our email dated November 3rd, we outlined the new process […]

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Service Tax on Cross-Border Online Services in India – Explained

With a view to providing a level playing field to Indian Service Providers providing taxable ‘online information and database access or retrieval [OIDAR] services’ including electronic services in India, the Indian Government has made some revisions in its policies. The service tax exemption given to products in this category which may include Domain Names and Hosting has been withdrawn with effect from 1 December, 2016 for such services ‘provided in India’ by service providers located outside India or in a foreign territory. Effective 1st December, 2016, Government of India has expanded the definition of OIDAR services (under Notification No.46, 47, […]

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new gTLD report October

New gTLD Report – October 2016

We’ve been doing our new month-on-month new gTLD reports for a while now, and the share of domain adds for this month are taking a tighter share than September’s. .TOP and .XYZ have been leading the group for a while. The rest of the new gTLDs are in spitting distance of each other. We also have a new entrant for this month, .TRADE joins our report at number 14 for the month of October. You can refer to the infographic below to see how the new gTLDs have performed. Copy: Create pie charts 1) .TOP – October’s been an exceptionally […]

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