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As some of you may already know, we recently went live with a set of new features for SuperSite 2. SuperSite 2 now comes in five new languages, with lightening fast domain check availability and a Secure Login.

5 new languages!

After weeks of translation efforts put in by our local teams, SuperSite 2 is now available in the following 5 languages:

To start using these languages simply login to your SuperSite 2 Customization Panel and click on the ‘Add New Language SuperSite’ button. You’ll then have to make the desired language site ‘live’ from the manage settings tab.

Lightening Fast Domain Check Availability:

We spoke about this feature when we launched the SuperSite 2 to our Global program back in May and it is something we’re really proud of!

The new Check Availability flow allows you to select and add multiple domains across various TLDs in seconds. The AJAX based shopping cart also instantly updates your cart as you buy.

Secure Login:

We’ve even added a Secure Login feature which allows your Customers to login securely and makes sure that all Customer Data is encrypted.

We’d love to know what you think about these new set of features – Do comment and let us know!

We’re also close to launching a whole bunch of new features including different homepage layouts, multiple currencies based on IP detection, a new check-out flow and the much awaited Coupon Engine! We’ll give out more information on these features in the coming week so stay tuned!