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A whopping 2.9m gTLDs have been registered as of 27th October 2014! Just as last month, the top five New gTLDs on our platform are .Club, .Wien, .Guru, .Today and .Photography, in that order. With so many New gTLDs making their way up in the Domain market, we expect registrations to keep increasing at a steady pace. A lot of generic domains such as .Company, .Website and .Trade are doing quite well in terms of registrations.

The growth of the total number of registrations can be seen in the below Infographic:


As part of a wider marketing initiative, registries have started educating people about New gTLDs by hosting events and PR activities. We had recently organized a Summit in Mumbai, you can check out the highlights and the topics discussed at the event, here. Many Registries have also started coming up with exciting promos for New gTLDs! Promos are now available for domains such as .Website, .Press, .Shiksha, etc. You can check out all the promos here!

Which upcoming New gTLD launch are you looking forward to? Share your thoughts in a comment below!