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As of 25th November 2014, 3.2 million TLDS have been registered!  This month again, it’s .CLUB on the top in terms of registrations through ResellerClub! Others in the top five are .WEBSITE, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .GURU and .PUB. The registrations continue to increase, as many new gTLDs make their way into the market. Growth in the number of registrations has been seen for TLDs such as .SOLUTIONS and .AGENCY. Several new gTLDs such as .BUSINESS, .NETWORK, .WORLD, .GIFTS, .RESTAURANT and .TOKYO were launched in the month of November!

The growth of the total number of registrations can be seen in the below Infographic:

We also have some great promos for some of the New gTLDs like .WEBSITE, .TRADE, .DESI and .BID. Check out the promos here!

Which New gTLD launch are you looking forward to? Leave your thoughts in a comment below!