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The Total Registrations of the new gTLDs have reached the huge figure of over 773,056 (as of 16th May 2014). .Guru is still leading the charts with 56,886 registrations. The first city based TLD, .Berlin is second with 47,806 registration closely followed by the recently released .club with 44,355 registrations. It is very obvious that the specific strings that are doing well are because a lot of people are waiting for them to open up for General Availability. It will be interesting to see how Strings like Guide, Audio, HipHop, Loans, Church, Life, Beer, Luxe, and Juegos (games in spanish)  that were released yesterday, on the 15th of May, perform in the coming weeks. The percentage split of the registrations faciliated by ResellerClub can be seen in this infographic below:

Which new gTLDs are you waiting for? Please leave your thoughts or comments below!