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January 2015 started with a bang as the number of gTLD registrations crossed a whooping 4 million this month! The usual trend ensued with .CLUB emerging as number 1 in terms of registrations through ResellerClub beating .XYZ which finished in second. Following close after were .WEBSITE, .GURU and .TODAY. Registrations continue to increase on a day-on-day basis. Several new TLDs like .SCIENCE, .PARTY and .YOGA were launched in the month of January.

The growth of the total number of registrations can be seen in the infographic below:

.XYZ has done exceptionally well, growing exponentially. Check out this video to see .XYZ’s growth rate!

ResellerClub’s Big Sale has a number of TLDs at discount prices to keep you ahead of the competition.

New gTLDs are set to launch this year! Comment and tell us which new TLDs you are looking forward to.


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