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The domain name community is buzzing with the launch of new TLDs which allows users to register website with completely new and never-before-available domain name strings. A total of 21 new generic TLDs are now live in General Availability and 46 new TLDs in the Sunrise Period. Potentially hundreds more are to follow thanks to the registries that are bringing in fresh and relevant new TLDs to the domain name market. These TLDs will be providing variety and choice to anyone establishing a new online identity or refreshing their current one.

The Internet is now home to over 265-million domain names and climbing, consumers and businesses and the internet itself will be better segregated with these new gTLDs entering the market. You can get more information about what the new gTLDs are and what they mean to the domain reseller market in this comprehensive blog we published last week. Out of all the gTLDs released, the first day of general availability saw the .guru namespace grow to over 12,000 domain names. Some trademarks were also registered by people other than the trademark holders. Some of the new gTLDs dominating the market can be seen in the infographic below:

.GURU has the largest volumes amongst the new TLDs closely followed by .gallery and .photography. The huge difference between the volumes can also be attributed to the fact that only 7 gTLDs were released initially. A lot of people placed a lot of pre-orders for the new top-level domains even before they were available to purchase through General Availability. Which is why we have created this amazing and easy-to-use gTLD wishlist so you can keep a lookout for your preferred gTLDs. You can find out how to make your own gTLD Wishlist here.

It is obvious that the new gTLDs are growing at a deafening pace. Since the Internet was opened to commercial use almost 20 years ago, the namespace has been artificially constrained to only 22 generic names (.com, .gov, .net, etc.). As a result, finding a suitable, meaningful, and memorable domain name can be a struggle. There are more than 125 million names in the top five TLDs alone, with three-fourths under .com (meaning good, short, domains are no longer available for purchase on the primary market). Consumers and businesses need new options for short domain names, specific to their individual needs and online identities. The new TLDs have greatly expanded the current suite of generic names. We suggest players in the domain name market should add these new extensions to their portfolio and become a part of the new gTLD Revolution!



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