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We’ve been doing our new month-on-month new gTLD reports for a while now, and the share of domain adds for this month are taking a tighter share than September’s. .TOP and .XYZ have been leading the group for a while. The rest of the new gTLDs are in spitting distance of each other. We also have a new entrant for this month, .TRADE joins our report at number 14 for the month of October. You can refer to the infographic below to see how the new gTLDs have performed.

1) .TOP – October’s been an exceptionally good month for .TOP in China. The domain name has taken an additional 2.2% as compared to last month’s report. We’ve consistently been running a promo for .TOP priced at $0.49 for a few months and this has definitely reflected in the new gTLD’s performance. Did you know that China has the most .TOP registrations (23.7%) all over the world?

2) .XYZ – Last month, .XYZ and .SITE were neck to neck for the second position. For October, .XYZ takes 7.7%, a similar share of the previous new gTLD adds report

3) .ONLINE – Gauging by the number of instances .ONLINE has taken the number 3 mantle, I’m sure you’re probably thinking that this could Radix’s top performing new gTLD. The United States holds 12.1% of the total .ONLINE adds till date

.ONLINE new gTLD report for OCT

4) .WIN – You probably seen .WIN’s fluctuation in our monthly reports. In August, .WIN was at position 3, then moved down to number 8 and eventually climbed up to number 4 for October. Maybe this is due to the fact that it’s running at a promo price of just $0.77 cents for a while now. Here’s another crazy fact for you, China takes a staggering 97.1% of all .WIN adds globally

5) .TECH & .SITE – The next Radix TLDs in line are .TECH. & .SITE taking a share of 3.3% each. .TECH taken the number 5 position for October while .CLICK has replaced its previous position at number 11. .TECH was running at a promo price of $8.99 while .SITE was at $4.99 for October

6) .TRADE is our new contender for this month’s report. It’s been running at a special price of $1.99 for the past few months. .SHOP, .CLICK, .ONE and .LINK have just interchanged positions for October as they continue to be in the bottom half of our new gTLD standings

For November:

We’re running crazy promos for Black Friday which commences from 23rd November and end on the 30th!

  • .online, .site, .website, .space, .host, .press, .pw will be priced at $0.99
  • .store will be priced at $4.99
  • .xyz is currently priced at $0.19
  • You can grab .tech for just $1.99
  • Looking for a wider range of new gTLDs? Do have a look at our promos here


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