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Hey folks, I’m sure you know that we were running BlackFriday promos on some of our new gTLDs in the last week of November. When I had a look at the numbers, I honestly thought there was an error in data. But after a double-check, the data was correct and this month’s nTLD adds are the most erratic so far. The common trend in our report does not reflect for November owing to the BlackFriday Sale. We sold a record-breaking 33000+ .TOP domains during the last week of November, the highest number of domain adds in a month as far as we can remember! Let’s have a look at the numbers below for some clarity.

1) .TOP China’s most recognized new gTLD was running at just a cost of 2¢ for 2 days. Thanks to you folks we managed to reach a new milestone of 33000+ domains adds (a massive 75% chunk!). Globally, .TOP has a 7 day average of 14,647 domains adds according to namestat.org

2) .XYZ The domain name has taken 10.2% of the total share of new gTLD adds for the month. As usual, the top 2 nTLDs do not budge for November as well. .XYZ has a total of 6,655,113 domain registrations globally till date according to ntldstats.com

3) .WEBSITE The Radix TLD has made it to number 3 this month. We were running a massive 94% off on .WEBSITE for our Black Friday sale. The climb from position 7 to 3 must surely be due to it being priced at just $0.99

4) .ONLINE Radix’s top performing new gTLD was replaced by .WEBSITE and has moved to position 4 for November. .ONLINE was priced at just $0.99 (97% off) and has taken nearly 2% of the nTLD adds for the month.

5) .SPACE – We have another Radix TLD in line at number 5. .SPACE has moved 5 positions forward compared to last month and was priced at $0.99 (86% off) as well!

We have new entrants for month of November, not one but four! .GDN, Radix’s .STORE, .PRESS as well as WordPress’s .BLOG have made it to the list of nTLD adds for November! .GDN has usually been running at a promo price of $8.29, but with the Black Friday Sale coming into place, it managed to make it’s first appearance in our new gTLD report owing it being priced at just $0.99! If you have a look at the infographic, middle tier domains names are neck to neck with each other. .PRESS and .GDN stand at number 7, while .SITE and .STORE stand at number 8.

For December we are running our holiday season promos on domains!

  • .TOP will be running at $0.49
  • .WEBSITE will be running at a special price of $3.99
  • .CLOUD will be priced at just $11.99 $6.99 so don’t miss your chance
  • .XYZ will continue at a price of just $0.99
  • Looking for a wider range of new gTLDs? Do have a look at our promos here

The Black Friday Sale had a big impact on the normal trend of our new gTLD reports. Feel free to share your thoughts about our report in the comments section below.


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