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The new gTLD report this month brought quite a bit of surprises. Let’s have a look at the report with the graph displaying the Top 15 TLDs for the month of November. This is great information if you’re a domain reseller or looking to start your business.

New gTLD Report – November 2015
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While I was extracting the data, adding up the numbers & attempting to make analytical sense of it all, a couple of figures caught my attention. I’d like to highlight the results that stood out to me quite starkly:

1) .XYZ raced ahead of the other TLDs to the No. 1 spot, overtaking the long standing reign of .SCIENCE & more than doubling the .XYZ registrations of the earlier month.

Possible reason: This could be due to the growing popularity of the extension after Google purchased a domain name on the TLD for Alphabet Inc. The demand for the TLD only seems to be picking up steam.

2) .BID showed a whooping 85% difference in registration numbers from last month to this month, rising in ranking!

Possible reason: The promo on the TLD in the month of November, contributing to steep rise. .BID which earlier featured in the 48th position in October, rose up to the 14th position this month due to the promo price dropping from $17.49 to a massive low of $1.99!

3) Some TLDs remained on the list of Top 15 for November.

Possible reason: TLDs like .SCIENCE, .PARTY, .WIN, .SPACE, .WEBSITE retained their place on the list due to continuous promos running right from October.

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