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We’re here with numbers!

Every month, we take a look at the performance of the new gTLDs with a report & here it is:

*Registration Numbers facilitated by ResellerClub

Let’s break it down to make sense of this data by highlighting the important things:

.TOP is the “best seller”: With a massive 68% share, the .TOP extension has done extremely well. This can be attributed to the $0.49 promo that is currently available. Well done to each one of you for contributing to the growth of this TLD. We expect the extension to continue doing well as we’ve announced renewal & transfer promos throughout June.

.XYZ maintains #2 spot: The .XYZ domain has held its no. 2 spot throughout May. However, in June, we expect to see a spike due to the 2 year anniversary promo where .XYZ was priced at ¢2 pushing it to the No. 1 place! We’ll leave that for the June report but nonetheless, we’re glad .XYZ stays among the top TLDs for May.

.VIP makes the list: In the month of May, .VIP went into the General Availability phase and it was a pleasant surprise to see it not just on the list but at the 3rd place having just launched. Looks like it’s steadily gaining popularity.

.MOM also features on the list: .MOM which too launched in GA in May and only was on promo for a couple of days, did extremely well. Great job with this one!

We’re thrilled to see these brand new gTLDs performing brilliantly & look forward to the June report to see if this trend continues.

We currently have new promos on .BIZ at $3.99, .UK at $5.49 & more. Do check out the entire list of domain promos here.

If you could propose a TLD of your choice, which one would it be? We’d love to hear it in the comments section below!

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