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Just like the new gTLD report for the month of February, we will only be taking the total number of TLDs registered for this month into account. We have some new contenders for the month of March. For further details, have a look at the percentage shares of  the new gTLD adds for this month.

.ACCOUNTANT takes the lead for this month contributing 29% of the total TLD adds immediately followed by .BID at 28%, our new contender for the month. .ACCOUNTANT & .BID are running at promotional offers of  91% each. This has to be one of the major factors that led the two TLDs to lead the pack for the month of February.

.TOP & .WIN are still in the top 5 TLDs with respect to last month contributing about 20% and 4% respectively. .TOP is running at a promotional offer of $7.99 $0.49 while .WIN continues at a price of $23.99 $1.99.

.CLOUD which launched less than 2 months back is clearly making waves. With reference to last month, .CLOUD has moved up the ladder from number 12 to number 5. It’s running at an attractive 63% off; one of the possible reasons contributing to the shift in position. .LINK was 4th on our list having a share of 5% of TLD adds for February. It has now moved to position 6 in this month’s report contributing to a total of 2% of new gTLD adds. The entry of .BID grabbing such a large share could be the reason for the drop down of .LINK even though it’s running at promo offer of 75% off.

Radix Registry’s .WEBSITE, .SITE.SPACE & .ONLINE  continue to be a part of our top 15 list. Radix’s .TECH has also climbed up the ladder to number 15 on the list. We are also running a flash sale promo on all Radix TLDs which will be running till the 26th of March. Thus, TLD adds are expected to increase till the end of this month.

We can sum this up with the ‘March Madness‘ promo that we are running until the end of the month. It surely is the catalyst for this month’s TLD registrations. There doesn’t seem to be a major change in the trend of this month’s report except for .BID which undisputedly is the highlight for March.

We currently have promos on a bunch of other TLDs. You can take a look at the entire here. If you’ve got any queries regarding the report, let us know in the comments section below.

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