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Six months have quickly passed by, and June successfully marked the end of the second quarter of 2020! 

Before we dive deep, let’s take a quick look at the highlights of June 2020!

Highlights of June 2020

  • .XYZ is the top-performing new gTLD of the month with a 24% share in the total registration count
  • .SITE, .ONLINE, and .SPACE gTLDs secured the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in June respectively
  • .TOP new gTLD made it to the top 5 list with a whopping 346% increase in its registration numbers in comparison to May
  • .LIVE managed to move higher-up, securing 10th position in the top 15 list

*Registration Numbers Facilitated by ResellerClub

Round the new gTLD globe

  • .XYZ completed 6 years this June. It was launched on 2nd June 2014.
  • .SHOP launched its renewed website get.shop officially in June

Performance of new gTLDs in June

Let us analyse the performance of the key new gTLDs in June 2020.


Grabbing the first spot in terms of the total registrations .XYZ contributed a total of 24% share. The increase in the registration counts can be attributed to the Global markets*.

Global registration count for June: 3,262,425


The .SITE domain extension witnessed a 17% share in the new gTLD registrations. Due to its high sale in the Global markets* it was able to secure the second spot in terms of the total registration count in June.

Global registration count for June: 2,065,767


Following close behind, .ONLINE has secured the third spot with a 12% registration in the overall new gTLDs registered in June. The new gTLD was running at a promo price of $6.99

Global registration count for June: 1,679,922


.SPACE domain extension’s growing footprint in our global markets* has borne results. With a 64% increase in its registration count as compared to the month of May, the new gTLD moved up a rank higher. 

Global registration count for June: 493,935


With a whopping 364% boost in its registration numbers, .TOP has reclaimed its position in the top 5 new gTLDs registered in the month of June. The ResellerClub China market can be credited for the maximum number of registrations.

Global registration count for June: 3,641,207


.LIFE was able to retain its eighth spot with a surge in its total registration count by 20%. The promo price of $ 2.99 has been the reason for the surge in the Brazil market.

Global registration count for June: 219,325


.LIFE was able to move to the tenth spot with a jump of 10% in its registrations. The new gTLD was priced at $ 2.99. 

Global registration count for June: 725,000

Go Beyond the Traditional 

Now, more than ever, with the growing options of new gTLDs, you can help your customers grow their online business and reach customers easily. 

Here are some exciting new gTLD domain extensions on promo in July 2020. 

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That’s all folks!

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Lastly, Stay Home, Stay Safe!

*Global market – US, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Thailand and others fall under the global markets. 

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