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The second quarter of this year has drawn to an end and just like that, we’re through with the first half of 2019! The month of June closed with a good 31% rise in the total number of new gTLD registrations. While it wasn’t surprising to see .SITE, .TOP, .ONLINE and .XYZ retain their spots in the top 5 new gTLDs with the highest number of registrations, we did see a remarkable improvement in the performance of a couple of other new gTLDs. Read on to know about the new gTLDs that made it to the top 15 in June 2019.

Here’s a look at the top 15 most registered new gTLDs that took the lead in the month of June:

*Registration numbers are facilitated by ResellerClub

.SITE: .SITE was the top contributor to this list with a whopping 211% spike in the registrations as compared to the month of May. The promo price of $1.99 which drove the registrations in the Global markets has been the primary reason for this new gTLD’s humongous growth in June.

.ONLINE: With a  16% share of the overall new gTLD registrations, .ONLINE has been a constant amongst the top 5 new gTLDs for the sixth month in a row. The fact that this new gTLD has had such an impressive streak in all the months of 2019 so far, goes to show how widely preferred .ONLINE is!

.TOP: The promo price of $0.99 drove the sales of .TOP  in June, thus helping it contribute to our top 5 new gTLDs list with a total share of 16%. As compared to the registrations that took place in May, .TOP registrations saw an increase of over 25% in the month of June.

.XYZ: As was the case in the month of May,.XYZ continued to retain its place in the top 5 new gTLD list in June. We are positive that this new gTLD will continue to remain in the top 5 in July as well since .XYZ will be available at an exciting promo price all throughout the month of July. Stay tuned for more details on this promo!

.FUN: .FUN made its way back to the top 5 registered new gTLDs in June. The promo price of $0.99 which was active all throughout the month of June ensured that the new gTLD continued to hold on to its spot in the top 5 in June as well. Not only that, .FUN registrations also grew by a good 64% in the month of June.

On the other hand, the registrations of .SPACE saw a phenomenal spike of 412%. The other new gTLDs that outshone the rest included .LIVE with a contribution of 3.41%, .CLUB with a contribution of 3.25%, .and STORE, .LIFE, .WORLD, .WEBSITE, .ICU and .GLOBAL with a cumulative contribution of 7%.

Here’s a quick overview of the exciting domain promos that we’ve lined up for July, so that you all can make the most out of them:

  • .XYZ at $0.69: Offer this versatile new gTLD to your customers at an incredibly low price and help them give their website a short and memorable domain extension.

  • .SITE at $4.99: Enable your customers to establish their online identity with a .SITE domain name at this exciting promo price!

  • .SHOP at $6.99: Have customers with e-commerce or brick-and-mortar stores? Offer .SHOP to them so that they can establish a prominent identity for their online shop.

That’s all folks!

Check our list of all the active domain promos we have, offer them to your customers and let them choose the right one for their business.

You can also head to our Facebook or Twitter pages to get all the updates about our ongoing domain promos. Remember to look out for the posts with the hashtag – #domainpromos. 

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