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We have completed the first half of the year and the second half holds some interesting prospects for new gTLDs. But before that, here’s the report for the trending new gTLDs for the month of June. With 51% of the total share of new gTLDs registered, .XYZ continued to hold onto the top spot. Continuing the trend, .TOP was also able to hold onto its second spot. The month of June had a few new gTLDs like new-entrant .ICU and .WEBSITE climbing up to the top 5 list thus displacing a couple of them that have been consistent for a while. Despite having launched late May, .ICU secured the third spot among the trending new gTLDs – quite the surprise!

Here’s a precise summary of the top 15 domain extensions for June:


*Registration Numbers Facilitated by ResellerClub

.XYZ: It was the total number of registrations in China that sent the sales for .XYZ skyrocketing in the month of June. Besides this, .XYZ also witnessed a fairly good number of registrations globally. However, .XYZ did have a huge decrease in its sales as compared to the previous month. This new gTLD was running at a promo price of $0.99.

.TOP: With a promo price of $0.99, .TOP was able to grab 19% of the total share of new gTLD sold which was comparatively greater than the month of May, thus indicating a steady growth in this new gTLD month on month.

.ICU: This new gTLD was launched on our platform during the month of May and in just a period of one month, it was able to climb up to the third spot with an 8% share. Sales for .ICU shot up as it was being sold at a promo price of $0.99 that led to a large number of registrations for this new gTLD in China.

.ONLINE: This Radix gTLD which had previously secured the third rank has moved down a rank with a 17% decrease in its overall sales compared to the month of May. Along with .XYZ and .TOP, it was .ONLINE that was able to retain its spot in the top 5 list in June with a promo price of $6.99

.WEBSITE: Although consistently being a part of the top 15 list, it was during the month of June where this new gTLD was able to break into the top 5 position by grabbing  2% of the total share of new gTLDs registered. Sales of .WEBSITE saw a 304% jump in June, which was huge for this gTLD. This new gTLD was being sold at a promo price of $0.99

Despite a 6% spike in its sales, .SPACE was unable to retain its spot in the top 5 and thus moved down to the sixth position. Similarly, .SITE which did grab a greater share than the month of May, was also unable to retain its third spot. It was .DESIGN and .GLOBAL performed really well in the month of June with a promo price of $ 5.99 and $12.99 respectively.

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