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From .TOP surpassing .SITE and .ONLINE, July saw a slight change in the way we are marching towards the second half of 2019. While 4 out of 5 new gTLDs are same as in June, the new entrant this month is .SPACE which is back on the list after a while! It now stands at the fifth position with a substantial market share. In fact, it is noteworthy that July saw an overall increase of 40% in the total registration count of all the new gTLDs. 

Let us first take a pictorial look at how the various top 15 new gTLDs are placed:

*Registration Numbers Facilitated by ResellerClub

Let us now take a look at the top 5 new gTLDs in terms of registration count. Worth noting is the fact that the top 4 new gTLDs have also appeared in the top 5 in each of the last 3 months.

.TOP – .TOP has been the largest contributor with the total number of registrations in July. It was able to grab a 43% share of the total registrations and a spike of 282% compared to the previous month. This is one new gTLD which has maintained consistency in terms of adding registrations. The promo price of $0.99 has been a factor for its improved performance in the China market.  

.SITE – .SITE was able to secure second place with a total registration count of 16%. This is tremendous keeping in mind the promo price of $4.99.

.ONLINE – The promo price for .ONLINE was set to $6.99. In spite of a slightly higher promo price, it is on the third spot with 10% of the total registration count. The increase in the number of registration of this new gTLD can be credited to the Global markets*.

.XYZ – .XYZ was able to hold onto its fourth position. The promo price of $ 0.69 has been the reason for the surge in the Global markets*. Overall, this new gTLD contributed 8% in terms of total registrations in July. 

.SPACE – With a promo price of $ 1.99 .SPACE is back in the top 5 list and now assumes the fifth spot with a 3% total registration count. 

The registrations of the new entrant .SHOP saw a jump of 11% helping it bounce back to the top 15. Along with this, .LIVE was able to retain its seventh spot by contributing a total registration count of 2%. .STORE was able to retain its ninth spot with a jump of 25% in its registrations whereas, .LIFE was able to retain its tenth spot with a growth of 2%. 

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*Global markets – US, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Thailand and others fall under the global markets.

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