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From .TOP and .ICU surpassing .XYZ to .ONLINE hanging tough onto its position, the trending new gTLDs list saw plenty of variations during the month of July. It was .TOP that took the lead and secured the first spot among the trending new gTLDs with a 39% share. .ICU was able to secure the second spot with a 12% share of the new gTLDs registered. With a 11% share of the new gTLDs sold, .XYZ was able to secure a spot in the top three in the month of July, down a few spots from the previous month. .FUN and .LIVE were the unexpected surprises for the month.

Let’s dive in further and have a look at the precise summary of the top 15 domain extensions for the month of July:


*Registration Numbers Facilitated by ResellerClub

.TOP: The low promo price ($0.99) of .TOP has been one of the reasons why this new gTLD is No. 1 on the list.  The discounted price has assisted in boosting registrations of the .TOP domain extension. This new gTLD saw a spike of 36% in its sales numbers as compared to the month of June.

.ICU: Launched on our platform in May, this two month old new gTLD saw a 4% jump in its sales number as compared to June. It was the China market that contributed to the increase in the sales of this new gTLD in July. The promo price of $0.99 also helped boost the sales of .ICU in the global markets.

.XYZ:  Similar to .TOP and .ICU, this was another new gTLD that was able to hold on to its spot in the top 3 although, .XYZ did witness a decrease in its registration numbers as compared to June. This new gTLD continued to be sold at a promo price of $0.99.

.ONLINE: With a 7% increase in its sales compared to the month of June, this Radix new gTLD has been able to keep up the pace and retain its fourth place among the new gTLDs. .ONLINE was running at a promo price of $6.99.

.FUN: The month of July saw a whopping jump of 1053% in the sales of this new gTLD. .FUN was being sold at a promo price of $0.99 which was significantly lower than that of the previous months. This helped this new gTLD to climb up to the fifth spot.

With a 27% spike in its sale numbers .SITE was able to move up a rank to the sixth position. .LIVE which was nowhere in the top 15 list in June was able to secure the seventh spot in July with a massive 553% increase in its sale numbers. .STORE was another new gTLD that witnessed an increase of 87% in its sales .WEBSITE which had secured the fifth spot in June, saw a massive dip in its sales that saw it go way below in the list.

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